When Did Abortions Become Funny?

There really is a big bad wolf among us and she’s vile. Feminist comedian Michelle Wolf, when speaking about her own abortion said it made her feel very powerful, like God. No doubt she missed the irony in her own statement that killing a baby in the womb is—in fact—playing God.

Michelle Wolf often employs a vulgar vaudeville-style act to elevate the obscene. And to be fair, comedians have always pushed the boundaries of polite society. But their is something unseemly about trying to mainstream the slaughter of infants in the womb, as she attempts to do in her Netflix special “Joke Show.”

Wolf is also foremost among many far-left feminists who are part of a cult of death. Despite their chosen abortion euphemisms of “reproductive rights,” “reproductive freedom,” “women’s health” and “sexual health,” they think killing the unborn is blasé. Worse, they think it should be celebrated.

Wolf used her recent Netflix comedy special to talk about her own abortion, where she basically says it’s no big deal. Talking about abortion should be “as normal as hearing about your gluten allergy,” according to Wolf.

Wolf’s brand of comedy isn’t just in poor taste, it isn’t actually even funny. Discussing coat-hanger abortions and period equity isn’t entertaining for those who believe in the sanctity of life.

What Wolf and other progressive feminists are fighting for isn’t “women’s health” or “sexual rights,” but the legalized sanctioning to inflict death on an innocent person in the womb—while demanding everyone’s approval.

One of the more flimsy arguments feminists pull out of their repertoire to excuse abortion is that they have the right to do what they want to with their own body, however, this argument doesn’t stand up on its face.

Science has proven that a baby in the womb is a separate, individual person than that of the mother. Babies often have a different blood type than the mother, their own unique DNA and their own unique fingerprints. Not to mention they can be a completely different sex of the mother.

In most states, if a murder is committed against a pregnant women, the perpetrator is charged with two murders, not one, with the state recognizing the life of the unborn child as a soveriegn individual.

Progressives are infamous for hijacking language and twisting truth into lies, such as calling a baby a fetus or a clump of cells. The favorite euphemism today ignores the infant in the womb entirely and focuses instead on “reproductive freedom.”

But this particularly twisted way of glossing over the pregnancy again misses the mark. Women can choose to reproduce or not, but making that decision after a pregnancy occurs no longer makes it a woman’s choice alone but involves the life of another individual.

Notwithstanding that Wolf’s comedy is vulgar, Wolf isn’t even really for women, especially those she does not like. She thought nothing of tearing down Trump’s former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders at the 2018 White House Correspondence dinner.

Wolf isn’t for woman, she’s for herself. Rather than respecting or celebrating a woman in such a high position, Wolf made a feminist faux pas and disparaged her appearance.

We all knew that Netflix was on its way down the minute it was announced the Obamas had joined the board. Michelle Wolf’s “Joke Show” is proof it is so.