State of the Union: Poor Manners and Sour Grapes

If last night’s State of the Union address by President Trump didn’t convince you that the Democrats are not for America, I’m not sure what will.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was a picture of sour grapes and poor manners from the very beginning of Trump’s speech, refusing to clap, stand or respond to Trump’s recount of the economic successes of his administration.

When speaking about the number of employed Americans—women, black, young, disabled and blue collar workers—constituents the Democrats purportedly care about—Pelosi appeared unmoved, opting instead to adjust her teeth in her mouth while continuing to mindlessly shuffle papers.

Pelosi even refused to stand when Trump lauded the efforts of Sen. Tim Scott, who is credited with spearheading Trump’s “opportunity zones,” a program meant to address our blighted inner cities and help minorities.

Pelosi’s bad manners were an embarrassing blemish on our nation and showcased how truly classless she is.

It was particularly telling when she didn’t even have the courtesy to clap or stand when Trump publicly thanked First Lady Melania for her work on her Be Best program.

To not have the grace and good will to even acknowledge the First Lady, who should be above the political fray of politics, was truly rude.

Throughout the address, Trump talked about his new Space Force, military spending, the blue collar boom, failing schools, the health care system, the wall, and his new plan to place vocational training in high schools, among other issues, but I’ll leave that to the daily news journalists to report on.

What I found so appalling throughout the speech was the overt smirking, eye rolling, mimicking, clenched teeth and rude behavior of Pelosi. Like an aging Barbie general, Pelosi actually smirked when her groupies stood up and chanted inappropriately during the speech. It’s not only bad form to steal the spotlight from the speaker, but cheapened our time-honored tradition of the Union address. 

Democrats are not for America, but we all know that. Yet, I can’t help but still be surprised at the appallingly ill manners and elitist attitudes displayed during the State of the Union address. 

The ability to remain civil and act appropriately when one is uncomfortable is a virtuous trait. For all of the accusations flung at Trump accusing him of boorish behavior, he has acted with more grace and restraint than many of his accusers when he rises to the office of the presidency.

Pelosi’s lowest moment, however, was ripping up her copy of President Trump’s address at the conclusion of his speech, a move that was meant for the cameras and her “resist” cohorts—and again taking the spotlight off of the President and shining it on herself. But like many Americans watching, all I seen was the act of a discourteous sore loser.

Here’s a thought: How about we make America decent and respectful again. Incivility and meanness in our political leaders is a blemish on us all. When you can’t celebrate the victories Americans are experiencing under the leadership of someone you dislike, you are putting yourself ahead of being a public servant.