The DNC Primary Is a Charade for Putting Clinton on the Ticket

The media is playing out before our very eyes the biggest hoax by the Democratic National Committee on the American people. It would be comical to see the established media talking about the winners and losers at the New Hampshire primaries— if any of it actually mattered—if it weren’t so tragic.

But even the horse-betting excitement the political pundits live for every four years isn’t the big story. The real story is the one no one is talking about, which is how the entire DNC sideshow that kicked off in Iowa has been a set up from the beginning for the savior candidate Hillary Clinton to appear on the ticket.

First, there has been a lot of hand wringing, even by conservative reporters, over Bernie Sanders presidential run and his mistreatment by the DNC to neuter him and knock him out of the race by playing fast and loose with the rules. But this should have caught no one by surprise who watched what happened in 2016.

Sanders was chosen from the very beginning to take the fall by Clinton cronies in the 2020 race. He was a candidate who was never meant to win, but to run. And Sanders, to his credit, has played his part well, not once but twice.

Sanders served in the U.S. House for 16 years before winning a Senate seat in 2006. In all of his years in Congress, no one knew who he was and he never passed any legislation of note. He is a complete nobody, a perfect dummy candidate hand-picked by the DNC.

His presidential run has done the job of coalescing the disenfranchised millennials of the progressive wing of the party while making socialists party ideas more palatable to the masses, all useful and all while lining the pockets of the DNC.

Following his ouster, Sanders will be able to retire in one of his mansions and live the good life as his just rewards for serving the DNC and a job well done.

Unlike Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, who received zero delegate votes in New Hampshire is a savvy policy wonk who has been used by the DNC as a salve for Clinton’s base, who still long for their first female president. Problem is, she isn’t likable.

Warren had considered a 2016 run but instead was given a lot of leeway and input into Clinton’s 2016 run for office, playing an outsized role in choosing who would be considered for key positions in a new Clinton administration.

Fox News correspondent Dana Perino said, “Warren’s decision to back Clinton in 2016 now seems like more of a strategic move than initially imagined.”

A NBC News report said that Warren and Clinton have been contacting each other since Warren declared her 2020 candidacy, with a source close to the former secretary of state saying the contact was “substantial enough to merit attention.”

Despite Warren receiving zero delegates in New Hampshire, she says she will remain in the race, meaning she will still be fundraising for Clinton. I look for the pair to run as President and Vice President with Hillary at the top of the ticket.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, is an Obama acolyte and a complete nobody like Obama was. Also like Obama, his father was a Marxist.

Interestingly, Buttigieg was summoned for a sit down with Clinton in New York several months ago when his star was rising. Purportedly his trip to the principal’s office was needed to clear the air following a news report where he criticized Clinton’s campaign.

Buttigieg isn’t going to the White House any time soon despite his popularity with the tech crowd. Tech money hasn’t historically been the grease that moves the political wheels in D.C., but that is changing.

Then there’s Joe who is no more. Biden was another candidate who was selected by the DNC to never win but to run. His political clout was meant to knock some of the little guys like Andrew Yang and Amy Klobuchar off of the ticket, but to never, ever win, as demonstrated by the established media’s frontal attacks over the last few weeks.

Biden has always played along with the DNC, adapting to any roles they deemed to allow him to play, like Vice President. Although Biden could be counted on for his loyalty to the party, he became too toxic over his ties with Ukraine, inviting talking points the Democrats would rather see go away. And like Warren, he got zero delegate votes in New Hampshire.

Left-leaning H.A. Goodman, an author, columnist and journalist, has been calling the set up for a Hillary Clinton run since 2017. His YouTube Channel has almost 100,000 followers and his books have hundreds of five star reviews on Amazon.

Goodman says, “Yes, Clinton will run again and Madam Secretary will raise even more than the $1.2 billion amassed in 2016. Democrats can’t approach this outrageous fundraising total with any other hopeful in 2020 and if they don’t win Florida and at least one major state in the Rust Belt, the Democratic Party has no chance of defeating President Trump.

“In addition, once Clinton makes the case that only she can outspend and beat Trump, the shock (among Democrats) of another Clinton run at the White House will be overshadowed by the prospect of a Trump reelection.”

I concur. Meanwhile, I’ll be keeping a sharp eye on how the media covers this primary charade up and through July. It all promises to be interesting if not diabolical.