In the Next Round, Trump’s Got to Take Off the Gloves

In the greatest match up of our time of Trump taking on the heavy weight Deep State on behalf of the underdog—the forgotten man and woman in the United States—it’s time to go bare knuckles on the media and the criminals in government.

Justice delayed is justice denied and there is no winning a set fight for a contender.

The media is howling that Trump is interfering with justice being served in the Roger Stone case because he tweeted about the draconian sentence. And he is right, of course, but that hasn’t stopped the paid propaganda writers at mainstream media from painting the president as a dictator, effectively denying him the right to grant a pardon to anyone he chooses—or exercising his right to free speech.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the mumbling, twitching one-trick pony of the Democrats, could again be found lecturing us this week on justice, glossing over the fact that her entire team of Democratic house representatives denied Trump justice with their basement impeachment antics and spied on his campaign by lying to the FISA Court.

Pelosi has given the left their talking point, which is that we are to believe that should Trump pardon Stone, he is behaving as a dictator rather than exercising his executive privileges. She also wants us to believe that Trump having an opinion on the matter is equal to interfering in a trial. It isn’t.

Many of us on the conservative right have long known the jury pool in the Stone case was completely compromised, with one juror being the actual wife of a member of the Mueller team. Other jurors were provable active “Never Trumpers.”

Unsurprisingly, the Obama-appointed presiding judge didn’t find this a conflict of interest or her prior involvement with presiding over other Trump associates who were charged during the Russian collusion hoax problematic.

Deplorables know what a kangaroo court looks like. While many of Trump’s supporters were aware of the stacked court, the established media did not pick it up or report on it, choosing instead to gloat over Stone’s arrest and taunt him over the first-amendment stealing gag order the judge imposed on third parties.

But it isn’t just the outcome of Roger Stone’s fate that is at stake here. The Democrats are hanging impeachment over Trump’s head for every single decision he makes that they don’t agree with, never mind that he was never charged with criminal behavior in the sham impeachment trial we were just made to endure—and bankroll.

As a consequence, there are real people suffering as a result of the Democrats treatment of Trump. Julian Assange, General Flynn, George Papadopoulos and others were all dragged through the mud. Not only have the victims of these crimes been forgotten, those who perpetrated them must be punished.

Attorney General Bill Barr also appears to be baring his teeth at President Trump, criticizing his tweets on the Stone case and whining that it makes his job more difficult. In an interview with ABC News, Barr said Trump’s tweets “made it impossible to do my job.”

Barr’s criticism of Trump came after he publicly criticized prosecutors who were seeking an unusually long sentence for Stone and the Democrats and media fell on him like a bunch of hyenas over a fresh kill. And this is precisely my point here.

Democrats are going to howl about everything and Americans are sick of seeing the right acquiesce to the media-led mob. It is also concerning that Barr has either gone bare-knuckles on the President or whether he was defending his Justice Department team with a below the belt sucker punch.

Either way, it wasn’t a good look considering the corruption that has occurred in the Department and the number of Deep State turncoats Trump’s base has had to endure.

Following Trump’s exoneration, it is time for him to take the gloves off and square off. What is long overdue is the knockout punch of indicting and putting on trial those crooked politicians and bureaucrats who have abused our court and surveillance systems.

Trump’s base loves him for the simple fact that he is their Philadelphia Southpaw and whenever he is on the ropes, he gets up off the mat and comes back swinging.