Conservative Inc. Has a Yuge Problem

If you were to ask any member of the established conservative party about implementing an immigration moratorium, you’d see a lot of dancing on the hot seat and hear a lot of the same lame platitudes we have heard for decades: “America is a nation of immigrants,” “Diversity is our strength,” “Who doesn’t want the American Dream?”

Although it was conservative national Americans who pushed Donald Trump over the presidential finish line, almost exclusively because of his stance on ending illegal immigration and putting America First, the rest of the GOP is continuing to serve its corporate interests and hijack the grassroots movement that helped put Trump in the White House with dark money.

With the help of high profile personalities such as Ivanka Trump, Republicans seem to have amnesia that it was the America First movement that elected Trump to the White House and it was done on just two things: end illegal immigration and reign in legal immigration.

Trump’s promise to build a wall and reform immigration, not his tax cuts, not his black unemployment numbers, not the economy and certainly not the current cry from beltway Republicans and so-called “conservatives” for increased immigration, is what elected Trump.

And this, my friend, is what is going to splinter the party and expose its weak underbelly. In fact, the cracking can already be seen at the infighting at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) in February and the inaugural alternative kickoff to AFPAC (America First Political Action Conference) this year.

At her last address to CPAC in 2019, Michelle Malkin attacked Conservative Inc. as she wrapped up her speech by saying, “But my most vehement objection is to this stage being used to lend legitimacy to the George Soros-funded organization Color of Change, which dedicated itself to censoring and sabotaging right-leaning groups for championing the free market and opposing radical Islam and exposing open borders.”

She received a standing ovation. And anyone with the talent to read political tea leaves knew what was brewing.

In can also be seen in who was not invited back to speak at CPAC 2020 and what alternative and conservative news media outlets were outright banned from reporting inside the building both in 2019 and 2020.

And it can be seen in the increased whining by Republicans about “tightening” labor markets and their continued push for increased immigration during a Trump administration.

Presidential hopeful and socialist Bernie Sander does get one thing right in today’s political climate, however. He gets that the water level does not lift all boats when those operating the floodgates are serving global corporate interests ahead of the people in their own nation.

What a tightening labor market historically did was prompt these same multi-billion dollar corporations to pay more in wages to American workers. But that was decades ago and long before immigration was weaponized against the American people in favor of cheap foreign labor.

What we have been left with is a growing addiction problem to low wages that makes rural America’s opioid problem look like just a drunken hangover. And it isn’t just conservatives who suffered. It was all of us.

In their quest for legitimacy by the establishment media and political class, Conservative Inc. has become wanna-be plutocrats. They are lining up to receive their crack rocks from the pocketbooks of dark money being used to control—and kill–the organic conservative movement.

The progressive left has worked hard to destroy any semblance of a united, homogeneous nation, choosing instead to use diversity slogans and racial quotas to achieve their desired result at the ballot box. Conservative Americans who bulk at the rhetoric are routinely disparaged in the media as white Nazis, black Uncle Toms and racist bigots.

Conservative groups, in their fawning and preening to establishment media, wealthy donors and non-governmental agencies, appear to be willing to do anything to appear “inclusive,” so they can play with the cool kids on the left while receiving a fat check.

Here’s what it will cost us all if we don’t stand up. The largest demographic group of people to immigrate to the United States are Latin Americans, who by and large vote Democratic. If the current immigration numbers continue at the present pace, Donald J. Trump may very well be the last Republican President to ever be elected.

The last immigration moratorium the United States was the Immigration Act of 1924. What followed was the golden economic age enjoyed in the 1940s and 1950s that those on the right are accused of waxing romantic for. And why shouldn’t we?

After the passage of the The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, also known as the Hart–Celler Act, the first meaningful change to immigration since the 1924 Act, Pew Research estimates that the population of the United States grew by 72 million people. Does Ted Turner and Bill Gates know this? They hate population growth and carbon!

The data shows that during the immigration moratorium, more Americans were married and employed in the United States than ever before. We were a nation of strong families, a healthy economy and a vigorous military that was more isolationist than interventionist.

In contrast, so-called conservative Republicans today are lobbying for more high-skilled tech visas, which hurt our young college graduates entering the work force who find themselves competing with foreigners for what should be high-wage computing and engineering jobs.

While Trump continues to tout unemployment numbers for women and black America, I’d like to see an America where wages were high enough for everyone—black and white–to have a one head of household wage earner so that for those families who want a parent to stay home and raise their own children, can afford to do so.

Rather than paying the 71 percent of Latin American immigrants who collect U.S. welfare, I say put America First. And rather than forcing young adults into life-killing student debt, we should be putting them in high wage-earning positions where they can afford to buy homes and build families. Folks, this isn’t about caring for brown skin, it’s about caring for your own.

Fortunately, there are conservatives who are willing to bravely call for what is needed–a complete moratorium on legal immigration. Outspoken conservative authors Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter have both called for an immigration moratorium.

I say outspoken because Conservative Inc. cringes at such pronouncements. They are tired of being bullied on the playground and bought the vitamins for sale at the back of the comic book.

Pete D’Abrosca, a 2020 GOP congressional candidate for North Carolina is calling for a 10 year moratorium on legal immigration and told Tucker Carlson on his show, “About 200,000 people leave the United States every year. Bringing in 200,000 legal aliens would be fine, but the bottom line is we would like to have no population increase from legal immigration.”

“You are not allowed to say that,” Carlson said. “So the left has decided, because the left controls the terms that the right uses, as you know, and the right goes along with this, and you’re allowed to say under duress that you’re against illegal immigration but you’re never allowed to say that there should be some absolute cap. Why are you saying that?”

“Those are the old party rules,” said D’Abrosca, “and I think that there is a new Republican Party in town. It’s people like myself who are younger and less controlled by, should we say, the conservative inc. crowd or maybe the donor class in Washington, D.C. and the political elites. We understand the game.

“We understand the game, and we understand that the Chamber of Commerce has bought and paid for our Congress people,”D’Abrosca continued, “and we understand that it has bought and paid for organizations like Turning Point USA and media outlets like the Daily Wire, for example, who are not meaningfully conservative in any way and can never be trusted to conserve anything.”

Yes, some of us understand the game. It’s a high stakes, all or nothing game. It isn’t racist or a white thing to want to “conserve” your nation so that ultimately all boats are lifted. If we are to help the world, we must first take care of ourselves. That requires rejecting racial identity politics and opting for America First politics.

Let’s put on our own oxygen masks first so that we may clearly see the way forward. Allowing China to produce all of the antibiotics and other medicines we are so dependent upon, is irresponsible and short-sighted, as the Corona virus has shown us.

It’s time to build a nation that is self-sufficient once again and a Republic that isn’t bought by special interest groups whose only goal is to line their own pockets. Our fidelity should be to our fellow Americans first and then, when we can see our way clear, to lift the boats of others around the world.

One thing is clear: We can’t be a shining light on a hill if we don’t first believe in ourselves. #AmericaFirst #Reignwell