Climate Realist Naomi Seibt Takes the Stage at CPAC

“Activism isn’t noble if it’s shallow”—Naomi Seibt

The press has made much about the youngest climate speaker to take the stage at last week’s CPAC at National Harbor in Maryland. But Naomi Seibt, the 19-year-old German girl who has been labeled by the Washington Post and other media outlets as a climate denier or the right’s weaponized antidote to Swedish Greta Thunberg’s global climate alarmism, doesn’t seem to care all that much about the name-calling.

The established media has painted the young climate realist as an authoritarian right-wing political puppet or just another conservative with a YouTube channel, but Seibt set the record straight right out of the gate at CPAC, calling herself a libertarian who is a free speech advocate.

Seibt says she could never be a conservative because “she identified with many liberal values.” She also said of herself that she is not a climate denier, but calls herself a “climate realist.”

“Climate has been changing forever and continues to do so,” said Seibt.

She also addressed the media rumors that she is a puppet of the Heartland Institute, a conservative organization and leading free-market think tank.

She readily acknowledged her work with them saying, “Our work together is based on shared principals concerning the environment. I am not anti-Greta and I am not a climate denier. I am not a symbol for an agenda.”

Speaking at a Q and A climate panel following her speech at CPAC with James Taylor, director of the Arthur B. Robinson Center for Climate and Environmental Policy at the Heartland Institute, and Frank Lasee, Heartland’s President, she once again reiterated that she doesn’t deny there has been changes to the global climate.

Rather, Seibt takes issue with the environmental movement’s propaganda that it is man-made CO2 emissions that are contributing to “dangerous” levels of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Seibt said there are better ways to care for our environment if you believe in the CO2 theory, like buying more local. She cited the vapidness of climate activists attacking farmers in Germany, farmers she said are doing a good job for the environment and our health and promoting sustainable lifestyles.

She said it is “hypocritical” that the same people who blame farmers for doing their jobs are the same people who buy avocados that are shipped from around the world because that is more environmentally friendly than our local farmer products because they are vegan, for example.

She also says she loves animals and believes that buying from local farmers is one way to eliminate the mass production of animal products, which she thinks is horrible.

In contrast to Thunburg’s climate Marxist messaging, which insists on enacting global governmental policies to eliminate all fossil fuels in order to reduce CO2 emissions, Seibt admits she doesn’t believe that human activity affects the environment that much. Instead, she encourages people to question these ideas and do their own research as she has.

She said she doesn’t want to refute environmentalism, but for people to get excited by science and the real-world solutions that we could be working on other than the corporate takeover of the globe through greenhouse gas emission regulations that pass as “science,” which she says has not been proven harmful or caused by humans.

She rejects one-sided views and questions the wisdom of sweeping regulations to eliminate fossil fuels for say, solar energy. “In Germany, we don’t have that much sun. It isn’t practical.”

Seibt says that activists and the media are cherry picking data and blowing up current events, such as the recent Australian bushfires and drought as a result of global warming. She reminded the other adults in the room that to even use the word “climate,” you must be referring to a minimum of a 30-year period, not just a geographical location on earth.

She says there has also been advantages to a warming earth, saying that a warmer globe increases precipitation and says that over the last 40 years there has been more rain than drought. However, she acknowledges that droughts do happen in the space of a 40-year period.

Seibert asks rhetorically, “What is the optimum global mean temperature?” There is no scientific consensus.

The man-made climate change mafia is forgetting that while simple and sound environmental practices are a good thing, CO2 emissions propaganda has been elevated over common sense. Seibt discussed how even indigenous Australians used controlled burns centuries ago. They understood that these trees store a massive amount of oil.

At the height of the environmental hysteria that occurred as much of Australia burned, even the left-leaning Times took issue with the propaganda.

“Australia has always had bushfires, the result of being the driest inhabited continent on earth combined with high temperatures. Its indigenous people, who predate European colonization by some 40,000 years, learned to manage and mitigate fire risk through specific knowledge of local ecosystems and carefully controlled burnings.”

Seibt is a climate realist because she understands that what is being pushed by the established left isn’t going to solve the world’s energy problems but is being used as a tool to enslave us.

Seibt blames the media for much of the climate misinformation. “They are selling a false narrative on a regular basis. They don’t care about the facts,” said Seibt. But she also blamed the institutional propaganda found in the global educational system.

When asked by one attendee about whether she believed government-sponsored education was the root cause of climate activism gone amok, Seibt responded, “Yes. I 100 percent agree with that. I was a climate alarmist in school.

“Once I got out of school, I started questioning those issues. I started to become skeptic in the political field when I was still at school, but I didn’t learn anything about those subjects from my teacher.”

Seibt also answered the press’ gossipy comparison of herself to Greta Thunberg, who was named the Times Person of the Year in 2019. When asked whether she would debate Greta, Seibt says no. “She is a child. I am not anti-Greta.” I wouldn’t want to debate her because “she would destroy Greta.” She did say that she would welcome a discussion with her, however.

She then pointed out that the Washington Post in its hit piece against her had already reached out to Greta for a comment on Seibt’s climate views and she declined to respond.

The established media is so intent to discredit her that she says the media spied on them when they were recently in Madrid. “They had people there that pretended to be our friends but they were filming us with cameras hidden in their pants,” said Seibt.

“It’s about totalitarianism and control. It isn’t about scientific discourse but shutting people out and taking away our free speech.”

She also said “that is what really proves to me that climate alarmism isn’t really about the science in the first place. It is all about fear mongering and using panic as a tool to restrict our freedoms and to fight against our right to be skeptics and to impose policies that are based on just a bubble of lies and hysteria.”

Without a doubt, CPAC did not hesitate to invite Seibt to speak out against climate alarmism and yes, to push back on the Greta Thunberg face of activism. And any person who claims to be on the conservative right, should be pushing back against the propaganda of the global elite.

As a well spoken and thoughtful 19-year-old, Seibt certainly will appeal to a younger audience, and I can only hope that more young people reach out to her. Her YouTube channel has amassed more than 60,0000 followers since it launched in May 2019.

She said that she loves science and researched the environmental studies on CO2 herself. She also said she listened to many YouTube videos and was inspired by people she found online—environmental scientists and others who discuss free speech and hold libertarian views, including Jordan Peterson, Stefan Molyneax and Lord Christopher Monckton, among others.

After publishing her first few videos in Germany, she said the amount of response she received encouraged her to continue to talk about her own thoughts on what she believed was the truth about the climate.

Seibt says she got about 20,000 followers within a couple of weeks of initially posting, mostly by a German audience, but that the recent attention to her work has gotten her many more international followers. She said that she would be doing more videos in English in the future.

Her rise to notoriety has brought its own set of problems, however. She said, “I get death threats sometimes and hate mail, Antifa calling her on the phone….” Seibt added, “We are not right-wing. We are not evil. We are not Nazis. We need to take every chance we can get to speak.”

And like many people who dare to speak out against group think, she has been poorly treated and called derogatory and vile names by the press.

HuffPost said of her appearance at CPAC, “Anti-Greta Activist Naomi Seibt Praises White Nationalist at CPAC.” The headline was in response to her mention of Stefan Molyneax, who the established press has labeled a an alt-right white nationalist, a Nazi and a bigot.

What actually happened at the climate panel was a columnist from Business Insider, Anthony Fisher, who was covering the Q&A asked her an obvious gotcha question about her admiration for Stephan Molyneax and Jordan Peterson.

Fisher has worked with The Daily Beast and Vox, so it was clear he was trying to set up Seibt.  Fisher said to Seibt, “You mentioned Jordan Peterson and Stefan Molyneux.  Are you aware that in 2018 Molyneux said he had once been skeptical of ‘white nationalism’ but that a trip to Poland showed him he ‘could have peaceful, free, easy, civilized, and safe discussions in what is essentially an all-white country.'”

And Seibt did not disappoint by disavowing him, as clearly Fisher either wanted her to or to be able to use any statement she made in support of him to label her as an admirer of white nationalists, which HuffPost clearly did.

Seibt said, “I am still a fan of Molyneux’s, absolutely. I know that the statement was taken out of context so that it sounds incredibly racist to some but that “he’s just describing his experience in Western countries.”

She then added, “I know for a fact, if I was in a country where the Sharia is more present, I would not be able to speak as freely as in Western countries. It is not that we are better in any way in Western countries and that is not the point Stefan Molyneax was meant to convey.”

I am sure that Seibt will continue to speak out against the panic, hysteria and totalitarianism of the green left, the question is how much more time do any of us have to reach the masses on mainstream platforms like YouTube.

Seibt appears to be extremely bright, so I have confidence she will continue her work and she will find the many video sharing sites conservatives have already migrated to.