The Media Has Become the Enemy of the People

I may be a contrarian by nature. I’ve never done something just because someone thinks I should. Although the left has elevated diversity to godlike status, it isn’t your strength unless it is the “right” kind of diversity.

I don’t zig when everyone else zags just because I think it is fun to poke bears, however. It’s what makes me a unique thinker and why I wouldn’t have done well as a soldier. I literally cannot carry out orders I don’t agree with.

Despite risks to my livelihood and future employment prospects, I won’t be a NPC writer. If you don’t know what that is, you’re not my audience.

I think through the hard questions. Who gains? What is the motivation behind the messaging? Who signs their check? What is their ideology? And most important, what’s their end game?

When it comes to the coronavirus, it’s evident that the media has become the enemy of the people. They are earning their checks by terrifying ordinary Americans and hyping a totalitarian agenda.

Paying attention to what the paid talking heads are telling us is what the old-timers called wisdom. The progressives and the media call this conspiracy thinking.

The global media has become so saturated with writers, producers, reporters and talking heads who are anti-American that they are completely unaware of how they sound when they speak to us from their soap boxes. Fortunately for us, it’s also their downfall.

The consistent messaging they take from their leaders and repeat like lemmings has actually hurt whatever their cause du jour of the day is. Today, metaphorically speaking, it is coronavirus, or the Chinese virus, just for fun.

So when I see the zombie media all repeating the same talking points in lockstep, in the same language, using the same phrases and banning certain phrases, my Spidey sense kicks in and I immediately do what I do best.

The media’s overzealousness in pushing for overreaching controls as the drama of coronavirus unfolds, has caused even the non-thinkers among us to put two and two together. And all I can say is—thank God and welcome!

But let’s talk for a minute about those who are the victims of this relentless assault on common sense. Let’s talk about those who don’t understand they are being propagandized. Let’s talk about those who are being hurt by the deceit.

I was out doing my “normal” grocery haul yesterday, and I was startled by the number of older people in face masks in every store I frequented. (As an aside, I had to go to four stores within my town just to fulfill my normal two-week grocery haul, so the reports of empty shelves is certainly true.)

Watching these ordinary older Americans panic, really, really made my heart go soft and mushy. But then I got righteously angry.

While the elites in Washington, D.C. —a mere hour and a half drive away from where I live—think they have all the answers as they type behind the comfort of their keyboards at home and pontificate to the masses, my neighbors were doing the only thing they were told to do to survive: buy food for the coming apocalypse.

Many of the older, low-income patrons I seen more than likely don’t have the skills, know-how or equipment to get news from any other source than the established media. And yes, I know they were low income. How? Because I judged them.

I judged them by the haircuts they didn’t have, the designer handbags they didn’t carry, the frayed camo jackets they wore, the dirty and old sneakers on their feet and the 10-year-old cars they were driving around in.

Unlike in Washington, D.C. where thousands of government employees and contractors where told to work from home, ordinary, low-income, older Americans who live off Social Security or a small pension were panicking. A panic many of these same intellectual “elites” created.

While the media and leftist think tanks and organizations spread hate about President Trump and don their designer eyewear as they work safely behind their computer screens, the general public is broadcast a daily heaping plate of panic from the time they rise out of bed until the time they go to sleep.

And most, I dare say, are completely unaware that they are being manipulated. And they are scared.

That’s not to say I don’t think preparation is a good thing. We should all be prepared for at least a three week emergency at a minimum. It’s the desperation and panic I observed in them that made me loathe the media more than I already do.

I hate manipulators almost as much as a I do a liar. I especially hate them when they take aim at the vulnerable. Perhaps you are more optimistic than me, but I find it hard to believe that “over-educated” institutional elite millennials care about boomers. Have you listened to any Bernie Sanders supporters recently?

But dammit, these were my fellow Americans I seen in those stores yesterday. My neighbors who may be forgoing their medicine or other household bills to stock up on groceries they can ill afford on their monthly check.

When people are at this economic level, they prepare in good times by buying a few extra items each month. They stock up over the long-haul little by little because that is all they can afford.

I am not going to regurgitate the daily coronavirus “facts” we are being told. Many numbers have been proven to be false or misleading and it is incumbent upon each of you to do your own internet research from as many trusted sources as you can.

But let’s get this out of the way. I know there is a man-made virus, let out by either the Chinese government or the deep state in our own nation. I don’t want to get sick and I don’t want you to get sick. I’m not against taking precautions to stay safe, including staying out of public spaces just for extracurricular activities.

Second, the virus was intentional. There is a war going on between the globalists, the Chinese government and the deep state. These are facts. If you don’t know this by now, see above: you are not my audience. Also see the the allegations the Chinese government is making against the United States.

Third, the bankers want a reset. Anyone following the financial markets over the last five years knows we have been operating in a financial bubble.

The global banksters will crash whatever they need  in order to start at ground zero and usher in their global monetary system. Fortunately for them, the enemy of the people is also rooting for our economy to crash. And so are our elected officials who are being questioned about dumping their stocks while telling their constituents not to panic.

Bill Maher said on his HBO show Real Time, “Can I ask about the economy because this economy is going pretty well? I feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point. And by the way, I’m hoping for it. Because I think one way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy. So, please, bring on the recession. Sorry if that hurts people, but it’s either root for a recession or you lose your democracy.”

This just scratches the surface of why we must not take our eyes off the bouncing ball. Why are states with few confirmed infections closing down restaurants and bars and prohibiting social gatherings. It could be an abundance of caution, but it isn’t always.

Why is google creating its own coronavirus site and why are social media companies banning, blocking and removing discussions on the virus?

Even more terrifying, NBC reports that the government is asking big tech for our phone locations so it can track users smart phones to see if they are complying with lock downs:

“The White House and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are asking Facebook, Google and other tech giants to give them greater access to Americans’ smart phone location data in order to help them combat the spread of the coronavirus, according to four people at companies involved in the discussions who are not authorized to speak about them publicly.

“Federal health officials say they could use anonymous, aggregated user data collected by the tech companies to map the spread of the virus — a practice known as “syndromic surveillance” — and prevent further infections. They could also use the data to see whether people were practicing “social distancing.”

Why is Hollywood encouraging “social distancing” in a hive-like, school-marmish manner? Surely, you don’t need me to remind you of the fact that the Chinese control Hollywood. As I said earlier: Who gains? What is the motivation behind the messaging? Who signs their check? What is their ideology? And most important, what’s their end game?

Stay acutely aware of the overreaching mayors, such as  Democratic New Orleans’ Mayor LaToya Cantrell, who wants to ban the sale and transportation of guns because of a virus. Watch out for government tyrants interested in banning interstate travel or enforcing other draconian measures to lock down cities that are not densely populated.

Be aware that the left’s motto is to never let a good crisis go to waste—whether they or someone else creates it. They live to tear down our nation and its economic system so that they can build their new world order.

This is also the answer to why they hate Donald Trump so much. He is standing in their way.

It was Rahm Emanuel’s rule when he served as President Barack Obama’s White House Chief of Staff to exploit crisis for power. According to Emanuel, it’s not about managing a crisis—it’s about using that crisis to advance your agenda.

Why was the CDC distributing faulty test kits and why are health care workers being denied testing? The CDC has been spending a lot of money over the last few years and it wasn’t on infectious diseases. You might want to look into the ideology that is fueling this behemoth government institution—it’s all out there if you care to do your own work.

Regardless that President Trump is standing in the way of the deep state globalists, they will operate wholly and unauthorized without him to achieve their end game. This virus is the proof in the pudding that they have already done so.

There is so much more that could be said, but I’ll leave you with this: Does Rep. Ilhan Omar’s praising President Trump’s handling of the response to the Chinese virus scare you?

If not, you might want to think beyond the immediate situation and ask yourself why a progressive would praise President Trump for commandeering private businesses for government use.

Could it be said that progressives such as Omar see the value of Trump’s declaration as a precedent to other crises and as a tool for a future president? This won’t be our last man-made crises, but if a future crises can be used to enact more and more government control, progressives win.

Omar’s comments, which were in response to The Intercept’s Lee Fang’s tweet on Trump’s response, shows she is a lot smarter than people give her credit for—and crazy like a fox.

It is never, ever good policy for the government to be granted sweeping permission for social media to track sovereign individuals via their smart phones and hand that information over to the government.

If you are not old enough to remember the government’s power grab over American freedoms under the auspices of keeping us safe following 9/11, I urge you to do your own homework.

And it is not good personal policy for Americans to be listening to the enemy of the people while a power grab for our future is happening before our very eyes. The media is serving someone you most likely are not and you must not forget this.

I pray the sleeping masses wake up and that the real enemies of our state be exposed and punished. In the interim, I do pray for the safety and health of my fellow Americans and for people everywhere— may the odds of the game be ever in your favor. #Reignwell