Chrissy Teigen Is a Symptom of the Culture Virus Infecting Us All

omewhere along the route to civil equality, the feminist movement took a dark turn in civility. Ardent feminists have almost universally become publicly foul-mouthed, vulgar, rude and disrespectful.

Cue Chrissy Teigen, the self-professed 30-something feminist, model and TV personality married to musician John Legend.

Teigen, who has been tweeting about how she is filling her quarantine time by baking cakes appears to have quickly gotten bored with domestic life and decided it would be great fun to attack First Lady Melanie Trump.

But Teigen doesn’t stand alone in the women behaving ugly line that is Hollywood today. In the marketplace of ideas, attacks against the Trumps are neither very original nor deep.

Nonetheless, Teigen thought she was showing her millions of twitter fans how clever and morally superior she was by publicly tearing down the First Lady.

According to the always erudite Douglas Murray, the author of the best selling The Madness of Crowds, people who think they are morally right don’t find it necessary to be nice. Murray says, “You need to believe you are acting for the good in order to act really badly.”

In her quest to polish her own halo from a very high horse, Teigen’s poor attempt to virtue signal really shows that she is symptomatic of the same type of Jerry Falwell Moral Majority righteousness that once plagued conservative America but has infected Hollywood in a cultural Marxist way.

Melania’s real crime in Teigen’s eyes isn’t her chosen program, “Be Best,” but that she is not behaving in the approved manner Teigen and those who think like her believe she ought. In this case, Teigen’s tripwire appears to be Melania’s role as First Lady and wife—calling her a “wifebot.”

Teigen’s own twitter profile says she is a “de-motivational speaker” and is “currently sleeping with People’s sexiest man alive.” As the consummate feminist, I find it odd that Teigen basically defines herself by who she has sex with and downplaying her own worth and— incidentally—the very two things she wagged her finger at to Melania Trump.

This new moral religion of the progressive left provides secular people who are struggling with finding meaning in their own lives a misguided sense of purpose based on the perceived oppression they are fighting—whether on behalf of theirselves or others. They collate around issues they consider disasters because it demonstrates that they are not empty, that they have purpose.

And it is telling that Teigen, who has 12.4 million twitter followers, is still seeking approval of her ideas and confirmation of her worth.

In a Glamour UK interview in 2019, Teigen tells writer Josh Smith, “I desperately still want to be liked, so sometimes it’s better for me not to say it, just for my own mental health as I am not as strong as people think.” She also admits she is afraid of the cancel culture.

So the irony of Teigen’s sicophrenic bully attack on the First Lady is not missed. Teigen has been open that she struggles with mental health issues and postpartum depression, telling Glamour UK last May “There will be days when I get in a group text with my friends and say, ‘Is anyone else finding it hard to take a shower lately?’ And they’re all like, ‘Take your pills, Chrissy!’

“The last month has been really tough. I’ll tell John, ‘Deep down, I know I am happy.’ But I think anyone with anxiety knows it’s physically painful to think about doing things. Sometimes reaching for your medication is like picking up a 60kg dumbbell that I don’t feel like picking up and I don’t know why.

“But I also know I haven’t been good to myself. I wasn’t managing my pills. I was just taking them when I remembered. My chemistry got thrown off. So I’m building myself back up. There are times I go to bed at 6.30pm and wake up at 6am and lie in bed just thinking – it’s like you can’t get enough sleep.”

Teigen also says she has a “very addictive personality,” and that she was drinking a lot. “I was drinking so much. I think that’s why I lost so much weight [referring to the period after the birth of her first child], because I was fuelling with wine and I am that kind of person who needs to have energy, I need to move, I need to have chaos.”

Her drinking hadn’t seemed to slow down when she had her sit down with Glamour, however. Smith writes about the interview, “Not even an hour later, we are a glass of wine down – or as Chrissy likes to call it, ‘breakfast rosé. ‘” And apparently Teigen is continuing to co-mingle her counseling with alcohol.

I don’t fault anyone who struggles with mental health issues, but it’s just too easy not to call out Teigen on her duplicity. Teigen totally failed to see that while she throws nasty verbal darts at others, she is not above anyone else on the morality scale.

And it is just this sort of high-mindedness that I find so insufferable. Chrissy Teigen is a symptom of the cultural virus affecting us all. It’s also the reason why so many Americans disavow feminism.

The problem with the current feminist landscape in Hollywood isn’t that Teigen and others like her believe what they do, it’s that they find it acceptable to bully those who don’t share their values. Teigen’s latest tweets demonstrate that she is, in fact, the cancel culture she purports to fear.

Feminists should be supporting women who do not think as they do, but that is not how the new Moral Majority game is played today. The objective to today’s feminism is to destroy politically and culturally those they disagree with in order to gain political advantage.

I say, “Be Best, Chrissy!”