State Tyrants Don’t Care About Your Rights, They Want Control

State tyrants are trying their very best to use their power to take away U.S citizen’s individual rights during this declared national emergency.

Perhaps most agregious is the media’s glorification of the abuse and feckless, evil Hollywood actors virtue signaling their compliance.. But reporting on the media’s almost criminal behavior during the Chinese virus is another story entirely.

I have read seemingly endless reports about people being arrested on empty beaches and parks, citizens being forecefully pulled off of public buses, drones and sirens being inflicted on citizens, pastors being arrested for conducting drive-up services, mandates that require people in quarantine to wear ankle bracelets, unauthorized police searches of private homes, joggers being arrested and other Constitution-busting acts that make my hair stand on end.

One Boston suburb has even threatened to fine pedestrians for walking in the wrong direction. I kid you not.

Democratic governors such as Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer are behaving like tyrants. Whitmer, the same governor who limited doctors from prescribing hydroxychloroquine and Z-Paks for patients who are ill with the Chinese virus, has now ordered stores not to sell seeds and other gardening essentials.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear has threatened a 14-day quarantine to anyone his state thugs catch attending an Easter Sunday service. Mind you, this is the same governor who ordered sheriff’s deputies to surrounded the home of a 53-year-old man who refused to self-isolate after testing positive for the Chinese virus.

According to Beshear, “It’s a step I hoped I would never have to take,” he said at a news conference, “but we can’t allow one person who we know has this virus to refuse to protect their neighbors.” Did he miss the part where the man was already in his home?

What the hell is wrong with the American people that they are putting up with this behavior? Since when do we let tyrants like Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci decide when we can open for business, go into public, buy what we want or return to normal working life.

The numbers used by Hillary-loving, deep state actor Fauci were wrong. Very wrong. But the damage has been done, as totalitarian Democrats have delighted in using their power to trample on the Constitution.

Fauci has very public ties to pharmaceutical companies looking to capitalize on treatments and strong ties to Bill Gates, who has a stake in seeing the latest vaccine this eugenicist wants to push on all Americans happen—especially our school-aged children. The very same vaccine that will also inject you with nano technology to track you.

The tyrants on the left want to change elections, lock us in our homes and completely destroy the United States as an economic powerhouse. Fortunately for us, some public figures are pushing back.

CDC Director and tyrant Robert Redfield said his agency is working on a plan to reopen the United States but it requires “very aggressive” contact tracing, finding people who have tested positive for the Chinese virus and tracking down everyone they have come into contact with and possibly infected until an entire chain of transmission is traced and eliminated. How about, hell no!

The Daily Mail reported on the tyrants over at the American Enterprise Institute, the Center for American Progress and Harvard’s Safra Center for Ethics, who say life in the country will not fully return to normal until a vaccine is distributed widely and that drastic interventions will be needed until then once restrictions are relaxed.

“All three reports call for a period of national lock down, which could only be lifted after certain conditions are met. For AEI, restrictions would ease state-by-state after a state recorded 14 days of falling daily new case numbers.” Again, no!

The flu breaks out every year, as do other viruses. Americans do not need to be tagged and tracked like cattle, which appears to be their end game in addition to taking away our civil rights. We have the right to free association and sovereignty over our own bodies.

Trump announced on Friday the formation of a new task force to reopen America. It can’t happen a minute too soon. #Reignwell