Trump’s Guidelines for Opening America Promises to be Polarizing

“It is better to face madness with a plan than to sit still and let it take you in pieces”

—Josh Malerman, The Bird Box

Trump’s guidelines to reopen America promises to be just as polarizing as the self-aggrandizing Dr. Fauci, the buzz around Bill Gates “tracking” vaccine and the use of hydroxychloroquine and Z-pack treatments.

Trump’s plan to leave decision-making in the hands of states is going to be like the wild west when it comes to Hitleresque Democrats drunk on tyranny. The nectar of power and control for many of these local authorities is going to make detoxification difficult to watch.

And it could not be better timing for the American people who can now stop throwing out their backs watching Netflix and tune into the ring-side seats they hold on watching which blue political contender squirms the most.

Local and state officials who do not value the Constitution and the rights of its own citizens before an upcoming election are going to be godsmacked like Emmanuel Macron. There won’t be yellow vests, but a sea of red hats.

Americans want to return to work and save themselves, their families and the country. This should be considered a good thing for the nation, but the hang-wringing and moral peacocking the media will engage in will only accelerate the party’s fall down the rabbit hole as the election heats up.

The Democrats know they have lost the Chinese virus battle, the impeachment battle, the Ukraine battle and the Russian hoax battle. What’s on the horizon—and what they believe will save them—is mail-in voting. Cue the need for protracted lock downs and more terror mongering.

Good thing for us, many of us will already be returning to work and life as normal but we cannot tune out the Total Reject Club of the established media entirely.  We must all stay engaged and active in ensuring that election integrity is preserved.

Finally, while the media is incessantly focused 24-hours a day on the Wuhan virus, we must be careful to watch what China and Iran are doing. There is no more dangerous animal than a wounded one.

The baiting by China in the South Seas may only be a tempest in a teapot, but as citizens we must not take our eyes off of the weather lest it turn into a dangerous global storm.