Annie Get Your Gun

As Americans watch live streams of the brutal violence being perpetuated in our cities, there is only one good thing that has emerged from the chaos and George Floyd’s death: They now fully comprehend there is a well organized war being waged by the upper class against the middle class.

They are told by smug news anchors that these are not riots or crimes against property and people but “protests.”

They are told they are to blame for the “systemic” racism they surely harbor in their hearts.

They understand that the media is the enemy of the people, as is big tech and big corporations.

They are subjected to social media feeds filled with corporate postings of black boxes in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

Their apple music feeds are hijacked and filled with rap music calling for the destruction of the police. Their mayors and governors stand down and let chaos reign and rule.

They understand that men in blue have lost their lives to the violent mobs.

But Annie, not Karen, is going to not just get a gun, she is going to vote Republican. It’s everywhere on twitter and it’s in the sad proclamations of inner city blacks who were not part of the violence but were subjected to privileged white people coming in their neighborhoods to loot and burn.

And Americans are feeling unsafe.

Not only is Annie getting her gun, regular Americans who have had enough are out in full force protecting their neighborhoods from marauding looters.

Unless the rioting and domestic terror stops, the media and the progressives will get the war they are looking for.

Americans are fed up with the lecturing, hijacking and lies of elected officials.

They are fed up with the two-tiered justice system and the attacks on our women and men in blue, and they are fed up with the chaos of Democratic-controlled cities and the attempt to hijack the next election with mail-in voting.

Be warned Antifa, there is a well armed militia of patriots who are willing and able to take their country back and to support their local police departments. And Annie doesn’t need to get a gun, she already owns several. #Reignwell