Make It Go Away: Charge Portland Officials Under the Insurrection Act

It’s time to cut out the cancer of Portland once and for all.  Only force and the imminent arrests of city officials who are behaving seditiously and encouraging insurrection in an open declared war of terror against our Constitution will end the Marxist overthrow of our Republic’s cities.

The latest anarchy in Portland began brewing last Thursday evening and continued into early Saturday morning when a mob of Antifa and BLM once again attacked the boarded up federal Hatfield building, where they have repeatedly clashed with federal authorities tasked with protecting federal property within the city, before setting fire to the Portland Police Association’s building.

The Justice Center has been a favorite spot of rioters since July 4, when “peaceful protesters” began throwing rocks at the courthouse and aiming fireworks at the center.

Hundreds of protesters blocked the streets overnight Thursday, attacking one officer with a hammer. Federal police and Portland officers appeared to work together early Saturday morning to disburse the terrorists, coordinating operations by announcing when they would use force to scatter the domestic terrorists.

Federal officers were finally forced to respond by deploying tear gas and impact munitions to disperse the mob. Whenever terrorist acts are met with force, however, city officials complain that police and federal authorities are interfering in “peaceful protests.”

The simultaneous effort by both agencies triggered a demand from City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty that Portland Mayor Wheeler either control his police department or hand oversight of the city’s cops to her.

So it came as no surprise that after burning down Portland’s own Police Association building, Portland police announced on Saturday that they will no longer allow federal authorities to use their command center.

Mayor Wheeler responded to the threats by demanding on Friday that President Trump remove what Time called ”militarized federal agents he deployed to the city.”

Gov. Kate Brown called the use of federal officers in Portland a “blatant abuse of power” by Trump.

Oregon’s own Justice Department filed a lawsuit on Friday that named several federal agencies, including the U.S. Marshals Service, the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, claiming officers are using force to interfere with “peaceful protestors.”

The suit alleges that federal officers are “using unmarked vehicles to drive around downtown Portland, detain protesters, and place them into the officers’ unmarked vehicles, removing them from public without either arresting them or stating the basis for an arrest, since at least Tuesday, July 14.”

But Portland’s anarchy problem isn’t going to burn itself out as Chaz did as long as these officials continue to work with terrorists groups.

According to Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, the Constitution authorizes the use of the Insurrection Act ” to restore a republican form government to the citizens of Portland.”

Thus far, the federal government has allowed states to deal with the violent sieges and take over of public property despite Trump’s authority and obligation to protect federal buildings with federal officers.

It’s time for politicians who are afraid of being called authoritarian to actually use the authority the Constitution has bestowed upon them to save this Republic.

Whether or not Trump’s poll numbers are accurate, I can tell you what his base does not want to hear any more. They don’t want to hear about black unemployment numbers, the stock market or coronavirus, they want law and order restored and for criminals to be behind bars.

Until officials begin to be arrested for their seditious acts, the chaos, destruction and anarchy will continue.

It is past time for Trump’s administration to begin arresting those Democrat public officials who are endangering our nation and their own citizens.

If Trump really wants a polling bump, he must stop tweeting and act decisively against the insurrection. They drew first blood, let’s end it.