The Worst to Come: 77 Days of Hell May Prevail after Nov. 4

“The Constitution says presidential terms end Jan. 20. If the Nov. 3 election is still unresolved, there will be a fierce legal debate about whether Pelosi (D-Calif.) would become acting president. Some scholars believe that a succession law is unconstitutional and the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, would be acting president.”The New York Post

One thing that is certain is that conservative media is spending a lot of time trying to figure out what the entrenched deep state and their allies in media are up to by propping up geriatric presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate, the unlikable chameleon Kamala Harris.

One such theory is that the Democrats know they are headed for a staggering loss in November so they don’t want to waste viable and electable candidates on an election they can’t win.

Another theory insists that the deep state wants figure heads they can control, such as frail and fumbling former Vice President Biden and ambitious Harris.

No matter which theory you believe to be most plausible, the continuation of domestic terrorism in Portland and around the nation is operating with the permission of progressive mayors and governors, meaning it is clear that anti-American forces are committed to continuing the pressure up through the election.

Cue the setup narrative of a Trump-tampered U.S. Postal Service and Covid-required mail-in voting as a way for the Democrats to hold up the election results.

Americans aren’t buying the narrative, especially how Trump is being accused of removing mailboxes or being blamed for the USPS’ decades of decline, nevertheless it looks to be one of the DNC’s top tools to fraudulently hijack the election.

If you can go to the grocery store or purchase a postal stamp, you can vote in person, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want you to believe that’s possible or even believe your own president. Speaking Saturday at a news conference ahead of a vote on a USPS funding bill, Pelosi said:

“Don’t pay any attention to what the President is saying because it is all designed to suppress the vote.”

The Chinese virus hoax, which the Democrats have recommitted to perpetuating via mandatory masks and forced locked-downs is being used by progressive mayors and governors to justify their push for mail-in voting, which is demonstratively fraudulent.

With no free established American media, the totalitarian left-wing in government are growing more reckless in their attempts to seize power—no matter how ridiculous or obvious.

And what may be next on the agenda—along with a mix of other false flags and dirty tricks—is the shuttering of almost all independent news websites across the internet for at least the 77 days between the presidential election and the inauguration.

Indeed, it is indisputable that the purge of conservative voters has already begun on platforms such as twitter and google-owned YouTube well ahead of the election.

If a major legal battle over the election results should occur (and it most assuredly will using the Democrats own words) between November 3 and January 20, you can accurately predict the Democrats may very well seize the internet to quash any reliable information on the ensuing civil unrest or military coup.

If that sounds highly unlikely or suspect to you, you have not been paying attention. These are not my words or my “theory,” but those of Biden and Pelosi, who have both hinted that we can expect 77 days of hell to ensue as they try to remove an American president and inaugurate a fraud.

Perhaps this is what former President Obama meant when he told Politico, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.”

Is it possible that fumbling Joe did just that when he forgot to keep the secret and blurted out on the “Trevor Noah Show” that the military would remove President Trump, declaring he “would be efficiently escorted from the premises.”

All of which makes what is happening in Soviet-influenced Belarus a bellwether, where voters believe the last election of dictator “President” Alexander Lukashenko was rigged, sparking massive protests that have continued since August 9.

According to the Associated Press, Belarusians hit the streets to protest the election results of Lukasheko’s 26-year dictatorial reign and were met with “stun grenades, rubber bullets and beatings from police.”

Belarus protests. AP/ Evgeniy Maloletka

Amid the unrest, government officials shut off the internet, leaving Belarusians with almost no access to independent online news outlets or social media platforms.

The block was enacted just hours after a state-run publishing house stopped printing two prominent independent newspapers, blaming the problem on malfunctioning press equipment.

The Belarus Information Ministry has reportedly shut down 50 news media websites. In response, Belarusians have flocked by the millions to the app Telegram to continue organizing protests and stay informed.

Franak Viacorka, a Belarusian analyst and non-resident fellow at the Atlantic Council, said of the app Telegram: “The fate of the country has never depended so much on one (piece) of technology.”

And Americans are just as vulnerable as Belarusians because we no longer have a free press even though it isn’t openly acknowledged that we have a state-run media.

Why Belarus is important  is because we can learn what technological methods totalitarian regimes are currently using to silence dissent. Lessons and tactics we can apply to our own current situation where congressional members are backed not by Soviet operatives, but the Chinese communist party.

While we may have our eyes focused solely on winning at the voting booth, rest assured that our own state media and Democrat leaders who wish to implode the United States are studying what communist regimes in China and Russia are doing in places such as Hong Kong and Belarus.

In light of this, it is prudent to ask whether what is happening here is any that much different than what is occurring in Belarus? The answer is a resounding, “No.”

The highest leaders in our nation are beholden not to Americans, but to the Chinese, and our established media reports Chinese propaganda and DNC talking points as if it were news.

VOA News reported on the important role technology, in this case Telegram, plays in allowing citizens to communicate with one another when media is seriously compromised, as it is here today in the United States:

“In the days following the vote and the subsequent internet outage [in Belarus], NEXTA Live’s audience shot from several hundred thousand followers to over 2 million. Its sister channel NEXTA has more than 700,000 followers. Belarus of the Brain’s following grew from almost 170,000 users in late June to over 470,000 this week.

“Their influence in a nation of 9.5 million is hard to underestimate, and authorities have taken notice and are pursuing those behind the channels.“

The only different between Belarus “pursuing those behind the channels”and the United States, is that big tech is doing the dirty work for the deep state ahead of the election by purging major conservative players from established media and social media sites.

When (not if) the Democrats declare that the election is fraudulent in any way, Trump’s re-election will be challenged. Trump told attendees at the 2020 Council for National Policy meeting on Friday that Nancy Pelosi could become President:

“You know there’s a theory that if you don’t have it [election results] by the end of the year, Crazy Nancy Pelosi would become president,” Trump told attendees.

The New York Post , which also reported on Trump’s remarks said: “The Constitution says presidential terms end Jan. 20. If the Nov. 3 election is still unresolved, there will be a fierce legal debate about whether Pelosi (D-Calif.) would become acting president. Some scholars believe that a succession law is unconstitutional and the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, would be acting president.”

“I don’t know if it’s a theory or a fact. But I said, ‘That’s not good,’” Trump said. “I think it goes into effect either on the 20th or the first and put that in the hopper, add that to everything else. It’s a disgrace, they know it’s filthy dirty.”

Why Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are running on the top of the Democratic ticket is of less significance than making the public aware of what we may be facing immediately following the presidential election.

Let’s not wait until we are in 77 days of darkness or forget what Pelosi said in an MSNBC July interview where she proclaimed that President Trump will be “fumigated” out of the White House if he loses the upcoming election and refuses to concede:

“Whether he knows it yet or not, he will be leaving,” Pelosi continued. “Just because he might not want to move out of the White House doesn’t mean we won’t have an inauguration ceremony to inaugurate a duly elected president of the United States.” Surely these are fighting words.