The Silent Majority Is Punking the Media

The silent majority is punking the media and winning the cultural war.

The number of ordinary Americans organizing to show their support for a president the media abhors is less about support for Trump and more of a middle finger aimed at the media establishment and the elite class.

The latest Trump “parade” took place in—of all places—Los Angeles. It is unthinkable to most Americans that there is anyone left in the State of California that wants law and order, prosperity and freedom, but that would be the point.

The media, which works overtime daily to enforce the idea that Trump is the come-behind presidential candidate in a nonexistent presidential campaign (Joe’s got to come out of that basement) has been unable to suppress the silent majority.

While the established media rarely covers these events, the affect nonetheless is that it has exposed the propaganda and hypocrisy of the media, particularly making a mockery of the polling numbers.

It allows Americans who may feel there is no public support for the current president to rethink what facts they are consuming.

It has also served to provide hope and encouragement to others who feel isolated in this increasingly crazy political and cultural play for our collective minds.

It’s a brilliant maneuver against the brain washing and force-feeding of a socialist/communist agenda served up daily via Hollywood, music and sports stars, education and the talking heads.

It says, “We are here and we are not going away.”

The daily assaults against reality and common sense are designed to cause the silent majority to believe they are outnumbered and that is exactly the point of the torture we are receiving at the hands of those who monopolize public power.

Recall how destructive loud noise was in 1989 when the U.S. military tortured General Manuel Noriega in Panama City with music—played night and day and very loudly.

In recounting the events of that time, the BBC said, “But what if you’d lost the power to change the TV channel, switch off the radio, or simply walk away? What if someone played it non-stop for an hour. A day. A week. Even longer? This is ‘music torture’—and while some of its practitioners say it shouldn’t count as torture, there’s little doubt it works.”

For too long, Americans have been unable to turn the channel or switch off the noise. Populist Americans don’t have access to the levers and switches to turn off the noise. Socialist messaging has invaded our sporting events, entertainment, social media and music.

We are being relentlessly tortured with a global message that decries nationalism, freedom and our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms and exercise our free speech.

In the not so distant past, political parties had no need to form “Trump trains,” on the water or on city streets. The people had a voice that was represented in our government officials and institutions, but that era has long passed.

In its place, numerous flotillas for Trump were organized this summer in Austin, Texas; Clearwater, Floirda; Rockport, Texas; Fernandina Beach in Nassau County, New York; Newport Beach, New York; Washington, DC; Portland, Oregon; River Falls, Wisconsin; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; and more.

The media did little reporting on these very public shows of support except to report on boats in distress in a gleeful sort of way.

In Las Vegas, a car parade lit up the Las Vegas strip. Other car parades have been held in Cincinnati, Portland, Orlando and other states.

Trump supporters are making a mockery of the media by demonstrating that their spirits are not only not broken, but the relentless torture is making them stronger.

The BLM and Antifa violence serves as a huge billboard spotlighting the demoralized minds of the youth in our country and the debauchery of a civilization gone mad.

It is big enough to catch the attention of those sleeping through their civil life on the political left, where liberals and blue dog Democrats are being forced to come off the porch.

It is also big enough to put those Democratic states that have never been in play back on the field and back in the game.

Billions of dollars from corporations and tech billionaires have been poured into the media wars, to torture us and to silence us. But I ask you, if a tree falls in the forest when no one is around, does it still make a sound?