What We Need This Christmas: A Few Good Men

There is no doubt that the culture of feminism and political correctness has made a mockery of masculinity and sought to turn Western men into virtual eunuchs. And it is a disaster.

The Republican neocons in Washington are the perfect example of a group of neutered, politically correct men who bow down and lick the boots of the Democratic machine and foreign dictators.

Let me get real here. There is nothing more disappointing than seeing a beautiful woman who talks trash, is covered in tattoos and piercings, and dyes her hair purple and pink than it is witnessing a grown damn man with no balls.

When Sen. Marsha Blackburn is one of six Republicans to vote no on the wildly arrogant and insulting “stimulus” COVID bill, I have to ask, can we get a few good men up in here?

Even Black Pigeon Speaks released a podcast today on the obvious. You can find his “2020: Masculine Republicans / Feminine Democrats Explained” podcast on Bitchute. What he completely missed, however, is that masculinity does exist, but it isn’t in the Republican Party, it’s in the patriot movement.

Men who are America First and staunchly defend the Constitution are our only salvation when the shit hits the fan, and as a woman, I can’t thank these men enough for standing up. I not only admire them for their patriotism, but I am grateful because I know how much we need them.

I’ll take a man in flannel shirt and pickup truck who knows how to work a gun and actually do something any day over the whiney, weak Democratic men who think they are brave and stunning because they marched in a Black Lives Matter protest or took a knee like Schumer did in the tundra of the Capitol.

The emasculation of our men has been decades in the making and it has been by design. A world without men participating in the social structure of families, culture, and the institutions that uphold these values has left an enormous black hole sucking up our vulnerable young men.

And we need them. We need you.

As a single woman, I know how important a man is. I hate everything feminism today stands for, but mostly I hate how feminists denigrate men.

Not only do I depend on men to fix my car, bail me out of a ditch, or fix my air conditioner, there are thousands of men I see everyday I don’t even know who I depend on. They pave my roads, fix the power lines after a storm, and truck my food to my local market.

Most of these same men are invisible. They are not only invisible to the elites in Washington and the very government institutions their ancestors built, they are mocked and scorned by the left.

If these men aren’t valuable, then tell me why must I pay them to fix my hot water heater, change my flat tire, repair my roof, or dig a well?

I married young, right after high school, and after 16 years of marriage. my husband left me for another woman and I became a true feminist. Meaning, because the law allows me to own property and work any job I am competent enough to hold, I fended for myself and my two children.

I went to work every day, fed and clothed my children, took care of all the household chores, cut 3.5 acres of grass every week, tended a huge garden, and I cried a lot. Why?

Because It was a big burden for just one woman to shoulder. It was a lot of responsibility, and I couldn’t stop being a woman with all my emotions while standing alone in a big mean world.

The government didn’t give a rats ass if we lived or died and no one else did either. It’s called independence and self-sufficiency.

But I can tell you what I didn’t do. I didn’t wear a pink pussy hat, cry about how awful men are, or wear a red cape pretending that I didn’t have any legal rights because I happen to have a vagina. Rather, those hard years humbled me, and I thank God that he gifted me with just enough skills to survive.

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

So no, I don’t have patience for weak, mealy mouthed neocon men who pretend to care about their country while selling us off to the highest bidder. I loathe the Mitt Romneys and Lindsey Grahams running this nation.

What happens in Congress on January 6 remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: we need a few good men.

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Men who are willing to defend our Constitution and this great nation we inherited. Men who walk the talk and stand up for what is right and for those weaker than them.

Men who won’t hide in their basements when the first rounds are shot but will pull on their boots and get to work.

We need men who will put America First and take back the freedom tyrannical governors are stealing from us. We need men who will stand up to the swamp creatures and give us back our nation.

There are millions of women who haven’t bended the knee to the Molech of fake feminism. Patriots such as myself who love this country and all it stands for. We are in the fox hole and we are waiting for your signal. #Reignwell