Political Persecution and Global Bullies: An American Nightmare

Political persecution in the United States is increasing exponentially since the installment of puppet president Biden.

The Gateway Pundit has done an exceptional job of highlighting the alarming Gestapo-like hunt against patriots who attended the January 6 rally in Washington, DC.

Many people who never set foot on the Capitol steps are being visited by the FBI and the military is rooting out soldiers who do not conform to leftist ideology.

Self-identifying with any patriotic or nationalist group, particularly the Oath Keepers organization, means you will be demonized by the government and tried in the media.

U.S. political persecution actually started to tick upwards with presidential candidate Donald Trump. One should not, or cannot, forget the dawn swat team raid of Roger Stone’s Florida home or the take down of General Flynn.

This is the American nightmare that more than half of the nation is now experiencing under the illegitimate reign of the Biden administration. The question is, how do we wake up and end the nightmare?

More precisely, can we look back at history and find a peaceful solution?

If you are intellectually honest with yourself, or even just recall the grade-school bully, you know that confrontation is inevitable. Bullies and ideologues only grow more emboldened when left unchallenged.

The left has successfully weaponized corporatism and government against those who hold national principles. We must acknowledge that this battle has been lost. As the map says, “You are Here.”

This is exactly the answer as to why the political persecution has heated up. There is no other direction for those in power to take other than absolute power, and I cannot overstate the danger we are in.

This will not end here unless we end it.

Recall that at least 10 years ago we referred to leftist college kids as snowflakes. Today, the snowflakes may be the useful idiots in black bloc but they are funded with millions in dark money, have caused millions of dollars in property damage, and have destroyed real lives.

Today’s soy boy who isn’t throwing fireworks in Portland is also a Gestapo leader.  He has graduated his communist college courses and is employed in government, the military, our schools, and the media. And this generation is huge, mentally disturbed, and spiritually empty.

It should scare the shit out of you.

There has been a great exchange for the worship of God and love of family and civic duty to the god of government and equity—and this isn’t a game where patriots emerge as the victors.

Patriots are viewed as mortal enemies to the moral religion the left has built around its perverted communist ideas. They do want to lock you up. They do want to kill you. It is their religion.

Our military rank and file is the last institutional stronghold of patriotism that must be thoroughly purged. Illegitimate regimes cannot retain power without an army of ideologues who will carry out their diabolical orders.




Our own U.S. Justice Department is openly and actively persecuting and illegally detaining patriots to the cheers of mainstream media, whose main job appears to be exacerbating the destruction of patriotic values.

It is not only infuriating but exhausting. And this is a tactic that the left has exceled in. They do not rest on their laurels following any political victory but rather attack almost simultaneously from at least two or three different fronts.

They have their enemy exactly where they want him. There is a steep gorge behind you that leads to the rocky ocean below and there is no going forward. You have been blocked in on all sides.

On a beach in Normandy a long time ago, young American men were sent to France to be dropped behind enemy lines. The men were scattered over a wide area on the initial invasion. They were on their own with only their wits and determination.

Time Life Pictures/U.S. Air Force/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images


Sadly, many of these brave men were found drowned in the flooded lowlands while others landed in the middle of German positions to be captured or killed.

Yet, it was their contribution to the allied invasion that was key to disrupting the German army’s transportation links and build-up of military strength.

The 82nd and 101st U.S. Airborne Division paratroops secured road junctions and beach exits that VII Corps would then use to help capture Cherbourg.

These brave men cleared the path for the allies to move inland, and that is exactly what is required today. We need those who are willing to serve behind enemy lines without fear of the cancel culture, threats to career, and cultural and governmental persecution.

We must support and empower those political paratroopers willing to seek and hold areas of power at local, state, and federal levels.



The frightening political landscape in America today calls for patriots with the same courage as those men who served in our airborne divisions so many decades ago.

And many who answer the call will be sacrificed to the higher cause. In fact, some already are.

But for those willing to be dropped behind enemy lines to open the road for the millions of Americans who wish to take their country back, may the wind be at your back and may you forever #Reignwell.