Second Amendment Hero Mark McCloskey Considering a Senate Run in 2022

Mark McCloskey and his wife, Patricia, found themselves thrust into the national spotlight last June when a photo of them bearing arms to protect their home against activists marching to protest at the governor’s home went viral.

The pair contended that the protestors broke into their gated neighborhood and were threatening to burn down their home while yelling arson and rape.

McCloskey, who spoke exclusively with National File, didn’t committed to throwing his hat in the ring but said, “I can confirm that it’s a consideration, yes.”

“I’ve said before that God came knocking on my door in the form of 300-500 angry rioters,” McCloskey said. “And that showed me that we need people to stand up and fight for our God-given rights and way of life, and I must help lead that fight.”

The McCloskeys, both attorneys, were indicted by a grand jury and charged with unlawful use of a weapon and tampering with evidence. The pair pleaded not guilty.

According to Fox News, Mark told reporters outside of the courthouse in early October following a scheduled hearing that was postponed that he and his wife were being “persecuted.”

“Every single human being that was in front of my house was a criminal trespasser. They broke down our gate. They trespassed on our property. Not a single one of those people is now charged with anything. We’re charged with felonies that could cost us four years of our lives and our law licenses,” he said.

Like other Antifa and BLM protestors who have broken the law, the perpetrators got a pass and have gone unpunished. Nine protesters were charged with misdemeanor trespassing in September, but the city eventually dropped the charges.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, originally filed the weapons charge in July. The grand jury added the evidence tampering charge. The indictment states that a semiautomatic pistol was altered in a way that “obstructed the prosecution of Patricia McCloskey” on the weapons charge.

President Trump has supported the couple’s cause and both litigators spoke on video at the opening night of the Republican National Convention in 2020.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson has defended the couple’s right to protect their home and said he will pardon them if they are convicted.

In October, Parson reiterated his support for the couple, saying he “most certainly would” pardon the couple.

The McCloskeys become heroes to second amendment supporting Americans, particularly after it was learned that Gardner had ties to leftist, anti-gun, anti-law enforcement advocate George Soros, who bankrolled Gardner’s circuit campaign in 2016.

Gardner, a former state representative, became the circuit attorney for St. Louis in 2017.

The McCloskeys were harassed when they went to pick up their 2020 Christmas cards so they gave one to the haranguer. Photos via The Gateway Pundit

Gardner was disqualified from the case following a ruling by Judge Thomas Clark after the McCloskeys’ attorney argued Gardner’s fundraising emails saying former President Donald Trump and Gov. Mike Parson were “fighting for the two who pointed guns at citizens during the Black Lives Matter protests” demonstrated that she had a personal interest that could jeopardize the pairs right to a fair trial.

Gardner lost her appeal April 21 on her removal by Judge Clark from the case. The couple will be appearing before the court again on April 30.