Michelle Malkin, Laura Loomer, Vincent James, Nick Fuentes and other American First Patriots to Speak in Florida for DeSantis’ Big Tech Bill

America Firsters Michelle Malkin, Laura Loomer and Nick Fuentes will be speaking Tue., April 27, at America’s favorite patriotic intersection, “Trump’s Corner,” in Palm Beach.

The group hopes to push the Florida legislature to approve amendments to Florida Gov. Ron Desantis’ big tech bill before the legislature concludes on April 30, 2021, saying it doesn’t go far enough.

As the bill stands now, it is has no teeth and protects only state-wide candidates from being politically de-platformed, not those running for federal positions, such as U.S. Congress.

As written, the bill will also not protect federal candidates from being de-platformed ahead of a run for office or address previously banned candidates.

According to the Floridian Press, “As it is written right now, Senator Rubio and any other federal candidate that have not already officially announced (filed) their re-election to federal office, could be de-platformed, and like Loomer, if they are de-platformed, they will not be eligible to be reinstated, at least not by Facebook.”

The legislation also does not address censorship by payment processors and banks who have banned or would ban a candidate’s ability to fund raise using their own social media accounts.

Michelle Malkin said of the bill that it is “weak on enforcement and penalties.” She also stressed the importance of fixing the loopholes before the legislation is passed and other states use it as a copycat.