Someone Pinch Liz Cheney Because She Is Delusional

The fact that Liz Cheney, House GOP Conference Chairwoman, is considering a presidential run in 2024 shows how delusional the established Republican Party has become.

Cheney told the New York Post on Monday she is not ruling out a potential presidential bid, “I’m not ruling anything in or out — ever is a long time.”

And in keeping with her reputation as a long-time Trump critic, she couldn’t help but take a swipe at the former president when talking about potential presidential candidates, telling a reporter:

“I do think that some of our candidates who led the charge, particularly the senators who led the unconstitutional charge, not to certify the election, you know, in my view that’s disqualifying.”

Cheney was of course referring to the certification of the election on Jan. 6 before the Capitol was breached by protestors.

Americans who came out in record numbers to vote for President Trump in the 2020 election are not going to vote for Liz Cheney.

Trump supporters loathe Cheney for her tone deaf remarks about the former president, and her vote to impeach him for “inciting an insurrection” as the GOP Chairwoman. Her approval rating sank to an abysmal 10 percent with her own constituents.

But Cheney appears to be either delusional or have amnesia, forgetting that the party was sent a resounding referendum by voters way back in 2016.

Fed up with the endless wars, job losses and capitulation to political correctness and the Democrats, voters instead chose a candidate who listened to them rather than represent global interests.

But Cheney remains doggedly asleep, telling a reporter on Monday at a policy retreat in Florida that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are the leaders of the Republican Party.

But are they? Not according to ordinary Americans who want to see all of them voted out of office, including Cheney herself.

McConnell has an unfavorable rating higher than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and McCarthy, though more popular than McConnell, has failed to rouse much support outside of the beltway.

In February, the Wyoming Republican party censured Cheney over her vote to impeach President Trump. Cheney also faced a failed move by House Republicans to remove her from her leadership position in a secret vote, with 61 Republicans voting to remove her.

For her part, Cheney most likely doesn’t care about the millions of Americans who voted for Trump as long as she can retain her position of power in the established party and remain a darling of the left-wing media.

She is betting that the failure of the Biden administration will cause Democrats and independents to vote for her. She is also counting on not just the support of the party’s RINOs, but on support by the media, who are terrified of a Trump 2024 run.

But those who voted for Trump are not going to just fade into the good night and the old RINO status quo of business as usual isn’t going to work. Those Americans who voted Republican in 2020 are seething over what they perceive to be a stolen election and a betrayal by the establishment.

For his part, Trump has promised to endorse any primary challenger to Cheney.

No. Cheney, McCarthy and McConnell are not the leaders of the Republican Party.

Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis have become the de facto leaders of the Republican Party, sucking up the oxygen in the conservative press and continuing to fire up Trump’s base. Cheney telling the established media they are all emperors will not make it so.