Reps. Majory Greene and Matt Gaetz Kick Off Their Inaugural America First Tour in Florida: “We Are Just Getting Started!”

If the MAGA movement needed hope, the energetic Rep. Marjory Greene (R-Ga.) and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) delivered a flame-throwing and inspirational view of the future to a standing-room only crowd on May 7 at their inaugural “America First Tour” in Florida.

After receiving a standing ovation, Greene told the mostly retired attendees, “We love America and we don’t care about people’s gender or skin color and all of this identity politics garbage. We don’t want to be divided. We want to be Americans together.”

Both representatives have taken heavy fire from the mainstream media for their commitment to patriotic values and their love for President Trump and the MAGA movement, which if the crowd was any indication, seemed only to have energized the grassroots America First movement.

During her speech, Greene went hard after the RINOs controlling the Republican Party, particularly the first two years of President Trump’s administration, and their failure to move the America First agenda forward even when they had control of both the House and the Senate.

Greene touted her introduction of articles to impeach President Biden based on his business ties to Ukraine and China through his son Hunter Biden and her resolution to expel Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) from Congress for trying to intimidate the jury in the Derek Chauvin trial as well as whipping up further destructive civil disobedience.

Greene says she doesn’t listen to naysayers, who told her all of the strong legislation she was introducing or co-sponsoring couldn’t be done. “We should be introducing strong legislation because they need to hear the message that this is what we are going to do when we get in the majority.”

“This is what is going to happen when America First gains control in the 2022 elections,“ she told the crowd.

The fiery freshman representative also spoke about the dirty politics being played in Congress and her removal from congressional committees and how she has fought back against the establishment RINOs and the Democrats.

She said that with with the help of the House Freedom Caucus and some “very smart people” who taught her about floor procedure and floor action, she learned that she could “make things happen without being on committees.”

“I also found out I can force every member of Congress to vote for bills on the floor and that I could also call for an adjournment of Congress.”

Greene regaled attendees with how surprised she was to learn that few congressional representatives ever actually appeared in Chambers to cast their vote for a bill. Employing her newly learned tactics, she began to call for house votes on the floor, which required every single member to stop what they were doing and actually cast their vote on record.

She said she has also been calling on the Congress to adjourn, saying “Congress is so out of control they need to stop and go home.”

Greene said these two tactics infuriated the RINOs more than the Democrats and said the Democrats don’t talk to her but it was the Republicans who gave her several “tongue lashings.”

Greene’s message and simplicity didn’t vary much from President’s Trump messaging at past MAGA rallies and, like Trump, she leaned on her position as a Washington outsider.

“I am a first-time congresswoman. I’ve never held office before. I’m a regular person just like every single one of you. I was never interested in politics and sure as heck never wanted to be a member of Congress—and this is a dirty, rotten job, I can tell you that,” she said.

“But there was a certain person who ran for president in 2016,” Greene continued. “And I liked what he had to say. I understood what he had to say and it makes sense to me to have someone like that running our country—a businessman.

To the chants of USA, Greene told the crowd, “So here is what is going to happen with these America first rallies:

“We are coming out strong, and we are coming out very loud and very proud, and we are coming out like we did for President Trump at all these rallies because we have a message to the Democrats and the fake news media:

“You are not going to destroy our country. You are not going to shame us for being proud American patriots. You are not going to put us down for loving President Trump and what he did for the past four years.”

Rep. Gaetz also came out strong, immediately addressing the rumors of sexual encounters without actually addressing them. “I am a marked man, I am a canceled man. I am a wanted man by the deep state,” Gaetz began his speech.

Gaetz then marveled at the size and energy of the crowd, mentioning the more than 1,000 people outside of the event who were unable to get in because the venue wasn’t large enough.

“Isn’t it obvious that it is our ideas, our patriotism that fills the rallies from from the prairies of Wyoming to the Villages of Florida,” he said.

“We will stand with American families against the genderless, blue-haired, woke-topians of the Chaz,” said Gaetz. “We are the elite now.”

Gaetz then addressed one of the biggest issues facing the America First movement and America itself. The stifling of free speech by Big Tech.

He addressed the persecution of himself and Rep. Greene, saying “They lie about us because we tell the truth about them.”

Speaking on the Facebook ban of President Trump, Gaetz said, “Can you believe the Faceback oversight board took President Trump off of their platform? They are afraid of the truth. YouTube doesn’t define the truth or falsity related to the corona virus. YouTube would have banned Galileo if they had the chance. The internet hall monitors out in silicon valley…they can’t cancel this movement, this tour or this congressman.”

Gaetz spoke briefly about the Second Amendment. “We have a right to bear arms in this country and we better use it! The Second Amendment is not about hunting, it isn’t about sport shooting, but about maintaining within the citizenry the ability to maintain an armed rebellion against a tyrannical government if necessary.”

Gaetz also didn’t shy away from what the mainstream media calls conspiracy theories, saying, “The deep state is real. The deep state is even at the post office. “The US Post Office has an internet covert operation program to spy on Americans, but we [Green and Gaetz] have introduced legislation to abolish the deep state program at the post office.”

Like Greene and former President Trump, Gaetz attacked the lies perpetuated in the media and spoke of Project Veritas’ enormous success in turning the camera back on the media, specifically alluding to James O’Keefe’s CNN video. “Thank god for Project Veritas,” he said to a roaring crowd.

“It isn’t often you get an omission on video but a CNN director said the reason they are repeating these lies and are propagandizing my life is that ‘I am effective.’  I stand in the way of an agenda, but they will not silence me and I will not back down and the truth will prevail.”

Gaetz then lightheartedly trolled the media by telling the crowd, “Today is my birthday and I already know how the media is going to spin it,” he said. “They will say I spent a wild day celebrating surrounded by the beautiful women in the Villages. So just get ready for it!”

Gaetz addressed the deplorable state of leadership in the Republican Party, saying of House GOP Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney, “If she could even find Wyoming on a map and go there, she’d find a lot of angry cowboys.”

To underscore just how unpopular Cheney is with the grassroots America First movement, the crowd literally roared in approval when Gaetz said that Cheney may be on her way out.

Gaetz talked about illegal immigration and that he didn’t believe we should be giving citizenship to people who enter our country illegally, saying “Americans are dreamers too.”


He spoke of the failed Democrat-run cities and said their push for amnesty has nothing to do with compassion but everything to do with power. They need a new influx of people to replace those leaving crumbling, crime-infested big cities.

He also didn’t spare Republicans, saying how they are also to blame for the illegal alien problem because they are protecting the interest of large corporations and keeping American wages down.

Gaetz ended his speech on election integrity and said how it will feature largely in future tours. Gaetz then quoted Rep. Burgess Owens (R-Utah), a black conservative who said that requiring an ID to vote isn’t racist. Assuming black people do not have IDs is racist.

Perhaps the most concise thing Gaetz said at the rally was that the populace America First movement is not a red versus blue paradigm but Americans against a tyrannical, elite, war-mongering government that is “America Last.”

Watch the entire rally here: