New Documentary Series Exposes Woke Culture as a Cult

Filmmaker Travis Brown has created a new documentary series, “The Woke Reformation,” to help people understand the origins of woke ideology, how and why it needs to be dismantled and what people can do to push back against its totalitarian aims.

The series has attracted such talent as authors Douglas Murray and Peter Boghossian, Helen Pluckrose, Asra Nomani and others.

Dave Rubin interviewed the filmmaker along with Douglas Murray and Peter Boghossian, both of who appeared in the trailer, on “The Rubin Report.” You can view the actual trailer at the 4:47 mark.

On discussing the woke culture, Douglas Murray says, “This system is going to be holding back so many people as it already has done, ripping families apart, ripping friendships apart, ripping society apart, ripping cities apart.  We need to get this out of our way.”

Murray says we are dealing with fundamentalists, people who have been indoctrinated into a fundamentalist mindset. Murray also said that, as a society, we are good at identifying dangerous sects and cults, but the biggest sect has been growing underneath us without being identified. He said he is on board to, “deconstruct the deconstructionists.”

Brown says he was raised in what he described as a fundamentalist Christian home. He said he left his religious background behind, moving first to Seattle and then to Portland as a young student where he found that his religious background had similar parallels to the dogmas and belief systems he seen in woke culture.

“That really concerned me. It mirrored my childhood. I see people constantly being indoctrinated into this woke religion,” said Brown.

Peter Boghossian said social justice doesn’t spontaneously or arbitrarily pop up. “There is a system in place that manufacturers these ideas and they look at universities as their own particular ideology mill and they indoctrinate people into intersectionality. So a whole generation of people are now believing things that are totally untethered from reality.”

Brown hopes the series will appeal to everyone. As of today, he has 4,606 followers on his page where he will be rolling out the series. Brown says his goal is to help people understand the origins of this stuff and how people are using racism and sexism for political shields and political clout.

He also hopes to offer solutions on what people can do and how to fight back against critical race theory, saying “If they see CRT, this racist bullshit in their work place. What can they do,” said Brown.

On speaking of the ubiquitousness of the woke culture, Rubin likens the movement to the Alien films, saying the scientist in the film sees the elegance of the aliens. “They just just take over the host, it’s merciless. It doesn’t have remorse or a conscious. It just takes over the host.”

Boghossian says woke ideology must be locked out of all institutions and that there must be a zero tolerance for the ideals of critical race theory, comparing the French Marxist roots of the ideology to aliens as Rubin did. “You stomp them out and they keep coming back like cockroaches.”