Cotton is King: Why the Ruling Class Hate Middle America

Victor David Hanson, a professor, historian, and author, sat down with Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow of Breitbart News to discuss the exodus of California citizens from the state and how California is the bellwether on how big tech oligarchs are recreating the feudal system through class and race wars.

Always insightful, Hanson made one point among many that I found particularly reverberatory. Hanson compared the global corporate aristocracy and oligarchs of big tech to the antebellum planter class of the South.

Hanson says technology has replaced cotton as king and has produced almost exactly the same results as the infamous planter class of the Confederacy.

Hanson believes the enormous wealth produced by global corporations and information technology means a small group of elitists at the top are not only wealthier than local and state governments, but they control the institutions and the messaging. It is the same old feudal system that predates the United States, but certainly not history.


Hanson said that the state of the autocracy in the Kremlin is similar to our own “high priests” of government, with the Kremlin outlasting its tsars and the deep state players in the United States outlasting its presidents, growing a permanent feudal system.

“The natural order of the world today, and in the past, is that there is no middle class,” says Hanson. In the antebellum South, there was no middle class.

There were only the elites, slaves, and poor “white trash.” And California has become the old Confederacy of the rich planter class again says Hanson. We have come full circle.

In his interview with Marlow, the historian expertly compared how the obsession on race by white elites on the left is also comparable to the antebellum South and Jim Crow laws where the “one-drop rule” was employed to exclude people from fully participating in civic and cultural life, the effects of which can still be felt today.

Ironically, the Daily Mail reported on Monday the death of biracial American opera singer Maria Ewing, whose daughter Rebecca revealed how her maternal grandfather’s experience as a biracial man who “passed” as white and raised his children—including Maria—as white, informed her directorial debut, “Passing,” the story of two light-skinned black women who also “pass.”

Today’s high priests engage in similar racial and tribal behaviors for political, economic, and social clout by seeking to “pass” as having an ethnic heritage.

To make his point, Hanson cited Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s infamous attempt to gain political clout by identifying as American Indian, writer Shaun King, who “passes” as black, and Rachel Dolezal, who “identifies” as being black even though she has two white parents.

The very wealthy know there is no currency in representing the middle class. They don’t care how much milk or gas costs and see nothing valuable in paying the middle class a self-sustaining wage. Politicians, too, know that there is nothing to be gained by engaging the middle class.

Most of today’s politicians don’t run for office to serve but to rule, thus giving voice to the hatred and fear the oligarchs and our institutions have for the average American.

Obama inaugurated the pubic verbal assault against middle America when he referred to them as “clingers,” which was followed by Hillary Clinton who called them the “irredeemables” and “deporables,” and Joe Biden, who simply referred to them as “chumps.”

When asked who was behind all of this racial obsession, Hanson says he doesn’t see it in the middle class. Blacks, whites, and Hispanics intermarry, work together, dine together, and often live in the same communities. He said it comes from the universities and the media.

“It’s mostly very wealthy white people,” said Hanson. And it seems it has always been so.

In White Trash. The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America, author Nancy Isenberg discussed how the educated North viewed poor whites:

“A writer for the ‘Atlantic Monthly’ asked: why should government ‘disfranchise the humble, quiet, hardworking negro and leave the North vulnerable to the vote of the ‘worthless barbarian’ —the ‘ignorant, illiterate, and vicious’ poor white?

“Thus, the popular vocabulary had become more ominous. No longer were white trash simply freaks of nature on the fringe of society; they were now congenitally delinquent, a withered branch of the American family tree.”

The open borders agenda of the left is the keystone for accelerating the eradication of the middle class while continuing to grow and sustain the new planter class.

A dying middle class is more useful to the aristocrats than the ready-made, state-subsidized, quasi slaves flooding our border. Contrast this with middle America, who almost exclusively want less government interference, independence, and more opportunity, and it is easy to see why progressives loathe the middle.

Hanson said he had been thinking that, “If you just asked is California the blue state model of the legacy of the old Confederacy? And you thought…maybe in 1865 if you got everybody around after the civil war and asked them in 156 years where will people be obsessed by race, where will there be a one-party system, where will there be a wealthy bi-feudal system of the very rich and very poor, they would have said here in the South.” The industrial north or the wide open west represented opportunity for all.

The ruling class has never held bucolic romantic ideas of middle America. Instead, they romanticize the poor, who they also exploit for cheap labor and votes.

The permanent ruling class doesn’t want an educated, free America with opportunity for all but a land they can control with “citizens” they can exploit. This is why President Donald Trump said (and I am paraphrasing here) if you think “they” hate me; they really hate you. And he was right, of course.

Unless the swamp is truly drained with a remade and determined Republican-controlled Congress that deliberately drains our corrupt institutions of high priests, the middle will perish and we will all become slaves of the state. Critical race theory must be eradicated from all government institutions as well has minority hiring policies.

A truly free America needs a level playing field, not the rigged game we have been forced to participate in.