Va. Gov. Youngkin Takes Swipe at the Education Nest and the Bureaucratic Wasps Are Swarming

If you have ever had the unfortunate chore of destroying a wasp nest in the middle of a hot summer day, you know there is a certain amount of trepidation and fear. It’s dangerous but necessary. The nest must be obliterated and there will be a swarm.

Teachers, teacher unions and school boards, like a swarm of wasps being stirred from the nest, are blindly and viciously attacking parents and bullying students who are striking the hive.

Following his swearing in earlier this month, newly elected Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin immediately signed a series of executive orders that would return the decision of whether to mask Virginia school children by bureaucrats to parents and giving them more input on what is being taught in schools, mainly whether Critical Race Theory, or CRT, should be taught in the classroom.

Youngkin’s executive order removing the mask mandate for school children was initiated “to empower Virginia parents in their children’s education and upbringing by allowing parents to make decisions on whether their child wears a mask in school,” a consistent platform he ran on in becoming Virginia’s new governor.

The executive order was to take effect this Monday but leftists who are invested in the mask lie are not going to give up their fight to keep children in face diapers, and a group of parents in Chesapeake, Virginia filed suit last week in Virginia Supreme Court challenging the legality of the order.

The heavily Democrat Arlington County school board also immediately filed suit in Arlington County Circuit Court with several other school boards joining as plaintiffs—City of Richmond, Falls Church City, Hampton City, Fairfax County and Prince William County.

The lawsuit alleges Younkin’s executive order violates the Virginia Constitution and state law.

But it isn’t just the school boards who are refusing to comply with Youngkin’s executive order. The Washington Free Beacon reported, “A handful of Virginia teachers threatened to resist the executive order in a series of social media posts.

“Teachers said they would not allow unmasked kids into the classroom or would separate unmasked kids from the rest of the class. One teacher joked she would get a ‘cattle prod’ to fend off maskless students.”


According to a report in Daily Mail, Youngkin has urged parents in an interview with Richmond radio station WRVA to be patient and allow the legal process to play out:

“Listen to a principal today. And I know that there are some school systems that are doing things that are inconsistent with respecting the rights of parents… Let´s respect it right now and let this legal process play out.”

As part of Youngkin’s gubernatorial platform, Youngkin also vowed to root out Critical Race Theory (CRT) from Virginia class rooms.

Another report in the Daily Mail called “Loudon County, a Democratic stronghold in northern Virginia, became the focal point of debate over woke policies by school boards across the country.”

The County infamously allocated in April more than $6 million to “equity training,” which was met with strong opposition by parents and citizens.

Compounding the frustration of parents, the school board came under attack when it sought to hide a sexual assault that resulted from its woke transgender bathroom policies.

The pushback from citizens and parents on the big machine of progressive education has stirred up the wasps so much that Youngkin reportedly announced a new tip line for parents of children being taught across the state to report any teachers that teach divisive subjects.

To make his point, Youngkin pointed to a recent story in which some students at a Fairfax County high school were taught a game called “Privilege Bingo.”

“We’re asking for folks to send us reports and observations,” Youngkin said. “Help us be aware of … their child being denied their rights that parents have in Virginia, and we’re going to make sure we catalogue it all. … And that gives us further, further ability to make sure we’re rooting it out.”

The vitriol on the left currently playing out on mask mandates only serves to highlight the opportunity available for concerned parents and citizens to take back education and return it to its core values, which is actually educating children rather than masking them and then indoctrinating them in racial theories that seek to make them either oppressors or victims based on their skin color.

The teaching profession has long been in decline, with Democratic cities such as Baltimore unable to turn out students who can read efficiently or perform math.

Not only is the teaching profession in shambles, it is full of younger progressives who are attracted to the profession because it gives them a venue to push their leftist ideology on young impressionable minds. Teachers with ethics have been fleeing the profession with many opting for retirement.

In fact, the situation is so dire that New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has called on the National Guard and state employees to fill in as substitute teachers as teacher absences continue to climb.

Grisham blamed the corona virus and low teaching salaries as the reason for the shortage, but I respectfully disagree. According to a report in Breitbart, the teacher shortage is one the New Mexico Public Education Secretary Kurt Steinhaus should have seen coming a long time ago.

“Last year in New Mexico alone, teachers retired at a rate of 40 percent and the beginning of the school year saw about 1,000 teacher vacancies. In addition, school districts reported needing about 900 substitute positions,” according to the Albuquerque Journal.

The complete inability for Democrat bureaucracies to provide a quality education for decades is an indicator of how inept and corrupt these institutions have become but it also represents an opportunity for those on the right to fill these empty teaching positions and to continue to run for office at the local level.

And parents are finding creative ways to make their voices heard as they push back on draconian mandatory mask mandates. Bonds for the Win is equipping parents on how they may go after tyrannical school board members by calling in their surety bonds—and win.

According to their website, “All elected public officials are required to be bonded and they must sign an oath to uphold the Constitution of their State as well as the Constitution of the United States for America.

“A public official is a person who holds a position of official authority that is conferred by a State, City, County or other municipality.  They often hold a legislative, administrative or judicial position of sorts and is either elected or appointed.  Relative to surety bonds, notaries public are the most common public official. A public official bond which provides indemnity for failure of a public official to faithfully perform their duties while properly managing funds they might oversee for the term of their designation.”

The group’s approach does appear to be winning. You can read about some of their success stories here. You can also hear how one single mom saved her entire school district on SGT Report.

The battleground for the minds and health of our children is real and the attacks coming from all fronts. Just this week, the American Federation of Teachers struck a deal to license the NewsGuard web browser extensions to its 1.7 million union members to combat “misinformation.” Students across the country will soon rely on NewsGuard’s to determine the reliability of hundreds of websites from a decidedly leftist group. It’s time to destroy some wasp nests.