New York City Subway Shooting Proves Biden Is Dead Wrong on “White Supremacist” Narrative

The violent shooting that took place at a Brooklyn subway station on Tuesday that injured 23 people was no doubt a horrific tragedy, but it also blows a hole in the Biden Administration’s narrative that the United States has a white supremacist problem.

Last June, Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told the Senate Appropriations Committee with a straight face that the greatest domestic threat facing the United States was from “racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists.”

“Specifically, those who advocate for the superiority of the white race,” said Garland.

Frank R. James, the accused subway shooter, who called himself, “The profit of doom,” on his YouTube video channel “prophet oftruth88” is a black man who doesn’t like white people very much.

According to the New York Post, “The person of interest ranted about race issues and claimed that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was proof that black people were treated with disdain in society.”

In one of his videos James says, “These white motherf—ers, this is what they do. Ultimately at the end of the day, they kill and commit genocide against each other. What do you think they gonna do to your black ass?….And so the message to me is: I should have gotten a gun, and just started shooting motherf—ers.”

The shooter’s break with reality comes just four months after the Christmas parade attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin where Darrell Brooks Jr., also a black man, is charged with intentionally driving a SUV through a Christmas parade, killing six people and injuring dozens more.


Brooks’ Facebook page, under the moniker “MathBoi Fly,” which was deleted immediately following the parade murders, showed that he had praised Hitler, supported Black Lives Matter, and called for violence against white people.

Sadly, these are just two of the larger incidents of unspeakable violence against innocent bystanders that appear to be racially motivated.

No one today pretends that the streets of New York City—or the subway—have gotten safer under the Biden Administration.

The New York Times pointed out there were 296 shootings in the city during the first quarter of 2022 compared with 260 shootings during the first quarter of 2021, which incidentally highlights that gun control in Democrat-controlled cities such as New York and Chicago doesn’t work.

But more specifically, the rise in crime in New York City can’t be laid at the feet of those allusive white supremacists or white nationalists that Homeland Security and Biden are so consumed with. According to a 2021 New York Police Department crime report, blacks made up 52.2% of suspects while whites made up just 14.3% of suspects—and we don’t even know if they are nationalist or not.

What Biden, Mayorkas, and Garland did in June is lay the first brick in the foundation of the persecution of political opposition. This is a crucial point to remember.

The enemy must first be named, regardless of whether or not the facts show that the United States does not have a white supremacy problem.

Biden’s move to weaponize the FBI and Justice Department against parents angry at school boards promoting critical race theory and sexually explicit material on children is another clear move that they will not tolerate political dissent and seek to criminalize opposition.

In a speech at the 10-year anniversary of the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial in Washington, Biden said, “The violent, deadly insurrection on the Capitol nine months ago, it was about white supremacy, in my opinion.”

It is also why the U.S. House Select Committee and the media continue to label the Jan. 6 protest at the Capitol as an “insurrection.” Democrats are notorious for using language as a weapon and it is no different in this case.

The establishment hawks aim to take out America First candidates before the mid-term elections by filing lawsuits against them if they can be tied to the Capitol protestors in any way and be labeled an “insurrectionist.”

The group behind this stealthy legal move is Free Speech for People (how ironic), who say that after the Civil War, Congress passed the 14th Amendment that included a section targeting former Confederates.

This provision states that no one who took an oath to support the U.S. Constitution but then broke that oath by engaging in insurrection or rebellion can ever hold federal or state public office again.

The group seeks to constitutionally disqualify America First candidates from running for office in the first place and barring America First candidates from re-running for office. The group that filed a suit in Georgia against Rep. Marjory Taylor Greene has also targeted GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn in North Carolina.

Problem is, a constitutional right to protest does not an insurrection make. The witch hunt by the House Select Committee conveniently overlooks that there were no weapons charges against protestors and that Capitol police officers let protestors into the building. They have also failed to show a planned insurrection with definitive “leaders.”

The left knows that it is not going to be able to stage the same steal as it orchestrated before the last presidential election. The American people are simply not going to comply with another Covid lockdown.


They also know how unpopular they are, thus the fenced in Capitol and the ongoing witch hunt of protestors who demonstrated on Jan. 6.

The talking heads still employed at state-run media outlets are not unaware of Biden’s unpopularity or the red tsunami that is coming in the mid-term elections. They are just doing what they were hired to do, which is to continue pushing the racial narrative, e.g., anyone who does not agree with their vision of America is an enemy of the people. America Firsters are destroying “Democracy.” They are “white nationalist.”

Clearly, the mechanism for the next manufactured election crisis will be the criminalization of political dissent.

The good news is that the left has lost the cultural war despite their victory in completely saturating and dominating our institutions, the media and entertainment, and the censorship and control of social media.

Against enormous odds, the American people have woken from their deep sleep and are rejecting the left’s idolization of a global new world order. The left is using America as the daughter of Babylon to ride the beast into power. And if you know the book, you know she is destroyed in the process.

The bad news is that those who are mentally ill and low IQ, which James Farmer and Christmas parade killer Brooks clearly are, will be incited by the left’s rhetoric to commit heinous acts of violence.