Tone Deaf Biden Administration Sends Dr. Jill to Comfort Ukrainians on Mother’s Day, Ignores Suffering Americans and Border Crisis

Americans are getting far too accustomed to Biden and his policy-makers thumbing their noses at the American people, but Dr. Jill Biden iced the cake when she announced she is going to spend Mother’s Day with displaced Ukrainian families.

Neither Biden nor his VP Harris have visited the U.S. southern border or expressed any concern regarding the displaced number of trafficked women and children flooding into our own country.

Perhaps even more egregious is this Administration’s complete lack of empathy or care for the many landowners along our border who are struggling to deal with the humanitarian crisis even as the dead bodies continue to pile up.

And those dead bodies are not just illegals left to die by smugglers in the desert. The bodies of dead Americans are piling up as Chinese-trafficked Fentanyl is fought over by vicious Mexican gangs. In fact, the threat of organized crime gangs has become so acute that federal soldiers are being flown into Laredo, Texas today.

Americans are hurting. It isn’t that American’s don’t care about Ukrainians, they just care a lot more about their own during this American crisis of a broken economy, a looming food shortage, crime-wracked cities and galloping inflation.

The decision-maker who thought that sending Jill Biden to comfort Ukrainians for Mother’s Day via Romania and Slovakia was good optics, is symptomatic of this tone-deaf Administration.

According to People, Dr. Jill  “will meet with members of the Romanian government, U.S. embassy staff, humanitarian aid workers and educators who are helping teach displaced Ukrainian children and incorporate them into a stable and safe school environment.”

The First Lady is moved to assist Ukrainian children but American children are roundly sacrificed for the god of progressivism.

As American parents fight to remove CRT from schools and eliminate the masking of children in the classroom, Dr. Jill’s husband is angrily branding them “domestic terrorists.”

The level of disdain, disingenuousness and outright lies by Biden and his regime toward Americans is growing evermore intolerable.

Does Dr. Jill, her husband or DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas care about the Mexican women left dangling on the U.S.-Mexican border fence last month in Arizona? According to a Fox News report today, the victim was a mother of two children, ages 1 and 9.

Do they care about the 22-year-old Texas Guardsman, Spc. Bishop Evans, who drowned in the Rio Grande River trying to rescue drowning migrants on April 25? He also has a mother.

Do they care about the crime crisis crippling our Democrat-led cities? What of the children and mothers being gunned down in Chicago or in New York City?

What about the number of marginalized and poor American children whose parents may not be able to feed them? According to a May 4 CNN report, about 65% of the 200 food banks in the Feeding America network reported seeing a greater demand for food assistance in March compared with the previous month.

To add insult to injury, Biden has set up his own Ministry of Truth—or the Disinformation Governance Board—to control the free speech of Americans. So not only does this President not care if Americans are suffering, he doesn’t want anyone criticizing him as he continues meddling in the affairs of nations that are not strategically important to the United States and recklessly risking a a nuclear war.

Americans don’t want to send Ukrainians weapons or train their soldiers in Germany. They certainly don’t want to send them $33 billion in aid. No, what Americans want is a responsible federal government that respects its own citizens and stops trying to criminalize a political party that doesn’t agree with them.