Does Being Pretty Still Matter?

Our country is under assault by a fundamentally flawed ideology that gender is a social construct and that gender differences don’t exist. Notwithstanding the darker consequences of what this may mean for future generations, does being pretty still matter? Feminists treat the subject of physical beauty pejoratively and seem to relish attacking those women who believe it important to be well groomed and well dressed. … Continue reading Does Being Pretty Still Matter?

Ugly Women Are Proliferating Like Dandelions

There is a huge sucking sound in America caused by the the number of young women pulled into the vortex of feminism and then spit back out as ugly women. Each day I am appalled and disgusted anew by their illegal, immoral and criminal behavior. They are spiritually empty, hedonistic, vapid and cruel. They are the army veteran who tied her own service dog to … Continue reading Ugly Women Are Proliferating Like Dandelions

Christie’s Fountain of Youth

Christie Brinkley is once again splashed across another tabloid with the all too familiar headline touting how she looks half her age or promising to give us her anti-aging “secrets.” As a middle-aged woman myself, my first reaction is, “Thanks, but no.” It’s just disconcerting to me to see a woman of 62 with long golden tresses, styled much the same as it was 30 … Continue reading Christie’s Fountain of Youth

The Total Disconnect between Islam and Feminists

The hypocrisy of Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton and western feminists is stunning. For those of you who do not know who Abedin is, she is Hillary Clinton’s closest aide and was her chief of staff when Clinton served as Secretary of State—and she is married to that nasty masturbating and sexting Anthony Weiner. Abedin and Clinton go way back. Abedin interned as Hillary’s aide while she … Continue reading The Total Disconnect between Islam and Feminists

The Feminist Lie

A few years ago, I stumbled across a celebratory tribute article, “How Do You Spell Ms.” on the longevity and legacy of Ms. Magazine. New York Magazine headlined the article with a prominently displayed circa 1970s snapshot of a slim and somewhat stern and young Gloria Steinem. Hip 70s attire. Plenty of big hair. Immediately my fingers twitched with desire to publish my own commentary on this “commemorative” occasion. … Continue reading The Feminist Lie

Behold the Power of Makeup

I go by the mantra that less is more in the makeup department, that is until I seen this article in the Daily Mail featuring Anar Agakishiev’s jaw dropping transformations of older women. All I can say is, “Yes, please.” Agakishiev has posted some pretty fabulous before and after snaps on his Instagram account, where he has more than 121,000 followers. According to the article, Agakishiev … Continue reading Behold the Power of Makeup

How Can Feminists and the Media Sleep When Our Beds Are Burning

ow do feminists and the media sleep when our beds are burning? Remain silent at all costs. Take the report of the five-year-old American girl in Idaho who was raped by three Syrian “refugees” and then urinated on. According to some news reports about the incident, the local media is refusing to cover the event out of fear of calling a duck a duck. In … Continue reading How Can Feminists and the Media Sleep When Our Beds Are Burning