Paris Faux Pas

Oh, Kris, you’ve done it again. I have always admired your beauty and business sense, but your fashion sense? Not so much. Pictured here with designer Karl Lagerfeld at the Chanel fashion show at Paris Fashion Week, Kris is sporting sheer trousers, rhinestone dark shades, and leather riding gloves.  The effect is overdone. And inappropriate. As the Daily Mail reported, “Kris has got a killer body … Continue reading Paris Faux Pas

Where Are All the Little Old Ladies?

If you are an aging woman in America, you are anonymous. You won’t see your peers in advertisements, staring in movies, or depicted playing any significant role in public life in tinsel town. That is unless they are trying to sell you an anti-aging cream or Meryl Streep is playing a witch. And no matter how backwards that may seem, after all some of the … Continue reading Where Are All the Little Old Ladies?

Gloria’s Mantra

I stumbled across a celebratory tribute article, “How Do You Spell Ms.,” on the longevity and legacy of Ms. Magazine while surfing the net. New York Magazine headlined the article with a prominently displayed circa 1970s snapshot of a slim and somewhat stern  Gloria Steinem. Hip seventies attire. Plenty of big hair. Immediately my fingers twitched with desire to publish my own commentary on this “commemorative” … Continue reading Gloria’s Mantra