High-Achieving Americans More Unhappier Than Ever

Americans are inundated with articles, podcasts and videos purporting to teach us various methods of how we can become our higher, better selves. How to be more productive, more healthier, wealthier and wiser. Entire blogs and podcasts are dedicated to time management, leadership and entrepreneurship. And each January there are countless articles on making New Year’s resolutions, how to keep them and how to succeed … Continue reading High-Achieving Americans More Unhappier Than Ever

Why the West Is the Best

In the recently released World Happiness Report 2018, the United States came in 18 out of 156 nations that were measured for overall happiness. And it turns out that the old adage that money doesn’t make you happy turns out to be true. That’s not to say that abject poverty makes people happy. Certainly, having enough to eat and a roof over your head accounts … Continue reading Why the West Is the Best

The Antidote to Chaos

I’ve mentioned Dr. Jordan Peterson before in my previous articles, the Toronto professor who has started a quiet revolution of sorts with millions of mostly college-educated students on, of all things, the power of taking personal responsibility. While the mainstream media has tried to marginalize his message by whittling the core of his thesis down to “just make your bed,” his online fan base continues … Continue reading The Antidote to Chaos

Happy Halloween Deplorables

If you are planning to participate in the traditional Halloween festivities of dressing up, you might be guilty of self-censoring your costume, even tossing away your favorite bomb-diggity idea because you are worried you will be accused of cultural appropriation. Don’t. You may believe that a costume isn’t a hill you want to die on, and I get that, but where does it end? Where … Continue reading Happy Halloween Deplorables

If You Want to Escape Poverty Do This

If you are under age 30 and don’t come from a wealthy background, I want to let you in on the secret sauce to escaping poverty. It rests on you making just two important life decisions—pursuing a higher education and getting married. A higher education may seem obvious, but it may be a surprise to those millennials who are playing hipster bingo with relationships or … Continue reading If You Want to Escape Poverty Do This

Larger Families Making a Comeback

“Generation Z is more family oriented than the last two generations and will have the most racially diverse families in U.S. history. They are more interested in quality of life than previous generations and family ranks high on the list for this demographic.” magine a world in which parents could afford to have several preschool age children while being economically able to survive. What would … Continue reading Larger Families Making a Comeback

Is Etiquette Even a Thing Anymore?

My millennial daughter shared with me the other day how she is using online shopping with curb side pickup to purchase her groceries. As a working mother of four children, this is a little like a Christmas gift that just keeps giving to her. In addition to avoiding the hassle of bundling up four children and keeping them all in line while buying the family … Continue reading Is Etiquette Even a Thing Anymore?

How to Slow-Braise an SJW: Celebrate Memorial Day and Eat Meat

“Democrats want to tear down our national identity and change our holidays. A Democrat California assemblyman introduced a bill seeking to make “May Day,” or International Workers Day, a state holiday that would replace President George Washington’s or President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.” chool will soon be out and Memorial Day is on the horizon so what could make May any better? National Hamburger Month! National … Continue reading How to Slow-Braise an SJW: Celebrate Memorial Day and Eat Meat

Young Men in Crisis: Pharmacia, Guns and God

  “An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life: ‘A fight is going on inside me,’ he said to the boy. It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil, the other is good. The same fight is going on inside you–and inside every other person, too.’ The grandson then asked, ‘Which wolf will win?’ The old Cherokee replied, … Continue reading Young Men in Crisis: Pharmacia, Guns and God

Is Instagram Stifling Creativity?

  Entire great rooms are dressed up for a day on the farm but outside, it’s all aluminum siding on a quarter-acre suburban lot. uch has been written on how social media is harming our society, particularly children and teens. And I couldn’t agree more. But let’s talk about how it is harming our aesthetics and the way we live as well. As a design … Continue reading Is Instagram Stifling Creativity?