Alone in the Universe?

Many reputable intelligent people believe in the existence of extraterrestrial beings. In fact, the subject of aliens, specifically ancient aliens, is currently being over-explored on the History Channel as are many “end of days” and apoplectic shows.  There is also an unprecedented interest in movies depicting other species or DNA engineering, such as “Splice” and “Avatar,” as well as numerous programs on vampires.  If you … Continue reading Alone in the Universe?

This Isn’t Real

For us omnivores, nothing smells as tantalizing as a juicy steak cooking on the grill. The smell of meat wafting up through the rack and the sound of dripping fat sizzling as it hits the coals can make us drool in sensory anticipation. Turns out you can have the same experience without actually eating meat from a cow. Bloomberg Technology reported that Impossible Foods, a … Continue reading This Isn’t Real

Big Vino Producers Causing Cancer

Natural News reported that Napa Valley residents are at an increased risk of developing cancer and ranked the highest in the state for cancer incidence when compared to 58 other California counties. Something is clearly amiss in the big bear state and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess it is Napa Valley’s ever-expanding vino industry. The consumption of wine in the United States … Continue reading Big Vino Producers Causing Cancer

America the Sick

A sick population makes for a sick nation. Never before have so many American children been so ill. Wracked with debilitating chronic illnesses such as diabetes and autism, it’s time to hit the pause button and start asking what’s really going on.  Bought, a hard-hitting documentary, explores why cancer and other illnesses such as diabetes are rampant in America and exposes GMOs, big pharma, and vaccines.  Bought will … Continue reading America the Sick

New Cyber Spying Barbie

      Last year Mattel, in conjunction with Toy Talk Technology, created Hello Barbie, which is designed to have real conversations with your child via wi-fi internet and voice recognition technology. Toy Talk, the creator of interactive apps such as The Winston Show, SpeakaLegend, and SpeakaZoo, is a high-tech company in the business of speech recognition. Hello Barbie will contain a microphone that will … Continue reading New Cyber Spying Barbie

Putin Takes a Stand Against GMOs

As Putin bans GMOs and the sale of carbonated drinks in Russia to underage children, America continues to kill its own youth with GMO cereals, snacks, vegetables, genetically modified pork, and fluorinated water. And if the food doesn’t poison you, the container surely will. A study published online January 22, 2015 in PLOS Genetics found that even small amounts of exposure to BPA can change stem cells and … Continue reading Putin Takes a Stand Against GMOs